New York is a colossal dance floor in this vibrant Nike spot

In a magnetic new Nike spot, New York City’s pizzerias, laundries and subway platforms are transformed into makeshift dance floors.

When you feel like moving your skeleton, any place can be turned into a makeshift dance floor. For this reason in a new and vibrant Nike spot, set in New York City, pizzerias, laundries, subway platforms or ferries are metamorphosed into places perfectly suitable for dancing.

Directed by Ben Dean, the ad, dubbed “Own the floor,” puts local talent from the Big Apple under the spotlight to give an account of the desire for movement in the city that never sleeps.

“Dance is the ultimate form of self-expression and New York City is a great setting for this art form”, explains director Ben Dean in statements to Muse. “When you embrace this possibility, you defy conventions and norms by creating space for something new,” he adds.

In the Nike spot, Dean opts for a clearly documentary style showing corners of New York (not necessarily beautiful or glamorous) in all their mundane glory.. The city portrayed by Dean does not live in the kingdom of dreams by any means and it is dominated by angular contours, neons, bustle and concrete.

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The dancers parade through the advertisement Kayla Maria G., Tamisha Guy, MJ Choi, Aiyr, Crees, Dijah Mcfee, Wynove Mcclam, Jenn Kelly and Kevin Kim, of course wearing Nike garments.

“Each dancer opens a window to the viewer to their particular experience of living the city”says Dean. «The objective is to be able to feel each dancer, understand who they are and what each one of them represents and not so much to show a performance in front of the camera. The moments that the dancers star in are moments in which they can escape from all the noise and bustle of New York City and really be in their element, ”he emphasizes.

The spot is imbued with the spirit of «Play New», a campaign in which Nike approaches the universe of fitness and movement in a way that is as fresh as it is stimulating.

Filmed in November over a period of three days, “Own the floor” aims to capture the frenzied joie de vivre in New York, a city where everyone can be who they want to be and can simultaneously disconnect from the eternal hustle and bustle of one of the most populous metropolises in the world.


Director: Ben Dean
Production Company: Freenjoy
Executive Producers: Ben Piety and Nathan Scherrer
Producer: Lizzie Shapiro
DoP: Scott Cunningham
Edit: Jordan Orme
Sound: Raphaël Ajuelos
Music: Raphaël Ajuelos and Keli Holiday / Adam Hyde
Colorist: Mike Rossiter
AD: Neil Savage
Movi Op: Ryan Hamelin
2nd unit DP: Ben Elias
Choreography: Celia Rowlson Hall
Stylist: Juliann Mccandless
Casting: Kate Antognini
Flame Artist: Tim Hendrix
Nike NYC: Wyatt Angelo, Carlo Michelangelo Lutto, Nathan Skinner

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