Octavio Ocaña, his sister Ana Leticia again in mourning

A new sadness for the family of the beloved actor Octavio Ocaña, once again the family of whoever gave life to the always remembered Benito Rivers of Vecinos goes through the bitter taste and pain of the death of a loved one.

The one who is really sad and in mourning is Ana Leticia Ocaña, sister of Octavio Ocana and she revealed it in her social networks when she had to say goodbye to whoever accompanied her and gave her a lot of love in her last months.

The sister of “Benito” shared the unfortunate loss of Rocky, his little pet whom he pointed out for only giving love and good times, assuring that he really left his heart very sad.

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Dear ROCKY, you have left my heart very sad and my home empty with your departure, you were a faithful companion of Samuel for 13 years and you only knew how to give love and pleasant moments.

Octavio Ocaña’s sister related that she was not the owner as such, but Samuel, apparently her partner, with whom she had been for thirteen years, but that for a few months since she married, he won her immediately, although unfortunately he also left very fast.

Octavio Ocaña, his sister in mourning, “my heart is very sad.” Photo: Instagram.

With great affection, Ana Leticia shared that she will remember the pet, whom she addressed as “chubby” and who she says left a huge void in her home, surely the young woman is not having a good time.

I had the happiness of sharing a home with you just a few months ago since I was married, you beat me too fast and you left me too fast with tears in my eyes and with how sensitive I am, I’m going to miss you, my chubby, the house will not be the same without you. .

The young woman said goodbye in a more than emotional way to the pet and shared some photos of Rocky on social networks, everyone agreed that he was really charming and he will surely be happy where he is.

Rest in peace, I love you and I will always love Rocky ❤️.

Who did not take long to show her love and support was also the sister of Octavio OcanaBertha, who pointed out to Ana Leticia that she should be happy, because Rocky fulfilled his mission alongside Samuel, accompanying him for thirteen years.

Little sister is now happy and calm because she fulfilled her mission with Samuel, which was to accompany him for 13 years and give him the best moments of love and happiness, I am not yet ready to think about Porfirio’s departure but thinking about it I break down, I hug them with everything my heart ❤️❤️.

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