Rancagüino musician and singer makes his way in New York

Claudio Sebastián Garrido Gómez, is the name of a young man (still) born and raised in the city of Rancagua, who at 29 years of age, with 2 won musical competitions (one regional and one national), more than 100 stages trodden over the years. Chile and, a title of Interpreter in Jazz and Popular Music with a Mention in Singing, awarded by the IP Projazz of Santiago, today ventures to delight the North American audience, from New York City.

It is the story of “CSG”, the abbreviation of his name that today he coined as his stage name. Claudio grew up in the Villa Jardín Oriente, in the house of his paternal grandparents, together with Álvaro, his older brother. At the age of 7, on a trip to Concepción, his family would be the ones who for the first time heard his voice following the melody of a song by Nino Bravo, on a CD that his grandparents used to listen to. His father asked him to sing louder, at which point they assimilated that the little boy had a certain ability for singing and vocal expression. At the age of 11, in 6th grade at Villa María College, Claudio asked his grandfather to repair an old guitar forgotten on the roof of the house, so that he could attend a guitar workshop for children at his school. . Showing dexterity for rhythm and melody, at the age of 13, his grandfather gave him what would be the instrument that will tie his life to music, forever; an electric bass. Amazed by his instrument, the following year, Claudio was part of a Rancagüina youth rock band called “Broken”, due to the absence of one of its musicians, whom “El Mini” (nicknamed by his peers), would replace. Broken reached two years in a row, the final of the national musical contest called “Pepsi al Máximo”, in 2008 and 2009, obtaining in the last instance, the Second Place among more than 4,000 registered bands throughout the country.

While participating in the event, Claudio, along with two other great friends, founded the band “Royals”, where he would occupy the place of Vocalist and Bassist, and this band was his letter of introduction for the first songs of his own creation. In 2010, Royals obtained First Place in a regional contest called “Baesu Fest”, with juries such as Chancho en Piedra and Sinergia, both bands with a long national trajectory.

After graduating from school and going through certain youth crises regarding what the future would bring him, Claudio studied during 2014, the career of Musical Production and Artistic Management, of the prestigious Modern School of Music and Dance of Santiago, place in where he first established his knowledge regarding music and theory, and would begin to understand the artistic musical underworld of Santiago. However, the young man was looking for more, always showing great ambition for the stage and singing.

“The Modern School gave me the first bases, which were of great help at the time to enter the real world of music, but it was not what I was looking for in essence. I like the magic of music, the reaction of the people when performing, the interplay of energies between the performers and the audience “.

Towards the year 2015, somewhat confused by having left his studies, Claudio undertook a bus trip from Santiago to Lima, Peru, a trip that would change his life, without carrying much more than a tent, a sleeping bag, a cooking pot , some pesos and his guitar.

“There was a key moment in my trip, which made me understand that I really wanted to dedicate myself to that for the rest of my life; I used to walk in the afternoons to the town of Barranco, in Lima, a place where there was a lot of artistic expression in all its I used to stand in a corner to play my guitar and sing, hoping to receive some money in exchange to pay for my stay and food. One day, I started playing around 5:00 p.m., and around 7:00 p.m. : 00 – 20:00, had a large audience of tourists and residents of the place gathered, who were located in a pergola in front of the corner, just to listen to each song that he played, with no intention of leaving the place and continuing on his way. Every song I played was highly applauded and I played until my entire repertoire was exhausted. At the end of my performance, I went to collect my collected money, when a man approached me by the hand of a boy and a girl (I assume his children) and gave me a large bill, to which I reply, – here is the returned, and he responds: – do not worry about the change, it is all for you. Shocked, I reiterate: – I can’t receive it, it’s a lot, and he, touching my shoulder, replies: – I don’t need you to give me back, I want to give you that money. Excited, I thanked him and commented that he did not imagine how much that money was serving me at that time, and he replied:

– No, boy, thanks to you for your interpretation. I hugged my guitar and through tears, on the way home, I vowed to dedicate myself to music forever. “

Claudio planned to tour all of Latin America at that time, but due to a very powerful fever, he had to return to Chile.

Determined to study music, with the idea of ​​mastering the area and being able to interpret anything anywhere, he entered Projazz in 2016. Already in his second year of career, Claudio was summoned by a teacher, to be part of the vocal team of a Santiaguina show company, called “The Show”, where he was able to keep doing concerts and shows every month until graduating from his studies. . Showing a great stage evolution, the company hired him to be part of the official show, and to appear in most of the private and public events that were hired. For Christmas 2018, Claudio, along with others and other singers and, accompanied by the Rodrigo Díaz Dance Academy, presented the raising of the Christmas tree, sponsored by Ripley, in the Plaza de Armas in front of the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago, opposite to the highest regional authorities and an audience of more than 3,000 people, this show being broadcast on open television throughout Chile.

Claudio is titled as Interpreter in Jazz and Popular Music with a Mention in Singing, in 2021, through an exam that consisted in the creation and assembly of a Title Concert, with the concept that he chose to present. On November 12, 2021, the concert entitled “1 Y 1” was presented at Projazz, a show directed by Claudio Garrido and which is being published during the month of January on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube .com / channel / UCPqkb9sr2LQQkphxGu-LKJA and on their social networks; Instagram: @soyclaudio_envoz and faceook: @ claudio.seba11

Currently, with a long career and a title under his arm, Claudio is in New York City, looking for an opportunity to promote songs of his own creation and reach the highest stages in the United States.

“I extend the invitation to the entire Chilean audience, to review my Titling Concert that is being published, and be attentive to the opening of what will soon be my Spotify channel and other digital music platforms.”

Claudio is now a Rancagüino musician in New York, seeking to earn a position, and leaving the name of Chile at the top.

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