Referee sanctioned for exhibiting as a Crema fan –

GUATEMALA. For publicly exhibiting himself as a Communications fan, a Guatemalan referee received a drastic sanction.

In an unprecedented sanction, the referee Juan José Caneses was sanctioned indefinitely by the Fedefut Referees Commission, announced the sanction of the assistant referee Juan José Caneses, after a photograph in which the judge is observed apparently in the final became viral of the Opening Tournament, between Comunicaciones and Malacateco.

“Recently there have been publications in different social networks of a photograph where Mr. Juan José Caneses, federated assistant referee of the National League wears a shirt that identifies a National League club,” explains Fedefut in a statement.

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Because the impartiality that every federated referee must show, both on and off the court, the Referees Commission and the Refereeing Department will impose on Mr. Juan José Caneses a drastic penalty for having failed to comply with the ethical and professional parameters that all arbitrators must present ”, he adds.

Although Fedefut did not specify the period of the sanction, it was unofficially known that it will be inactive at least during the 2022 Clausura Tournament.

Caneses had been just a few days ago assistant referee in the semifinals between Comunicaciones and Municipal, in the same stadium Doroteo Guamuch Flores.

Summary of the return semifinal between Comunicaciones and Municipal, which was arbitrated by Juan José Caneses.


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