“Respect for others”: Laura Flores leaves flight due to possible contagion of Covid-19 | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- Laura Flores alarmed his followers after informing that he decided to get off his flight to Mexico City, because a person very close to him had had direct contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

This was revealed through a Tiktok in the style of “story time”, as the former host of “MasterChef celebrity” narrated from beginning to end how she got on the plane and later receive a message that made her question her morale when making a decision.

The actress began her story by telling that she did not feel safe to take the flight because of a “mother’s hunch”, since when he decided to board, he received an email that questioned everything and had to pay attention to the most responsible option.

And, as Flores mentioned, he received an email from his son’s school to inform him that the minor was exposed to Covid, and although neither he or she has tested positive and it is only a routine protocol, He preferred to stay alert and take care of others.

After talking with her partner, the singer also chose to show the information to the flight attendant, who in turn showed it to the captain in charge of the flight to obtain an answer.

“And they gave me the option, if you feel good, you can go, without problems.” However, Laura Flores preferred to abandon the trip, despite the work commitments she had in Mexico City and also doing disregard for permission from the airline.

Laura Flores explained that, upon being notified about the status of her son, it is very likely that she can also be infected, so taking shelter in her home in the United States and waiting to return to the country was a more responsible decision, in addition to be able to take care of your little one in case he tests positive for Covid-19.

The other most important, my son. What if he needs his mother to be around him? I say, the most prudent thing was to stay and I got off the plane. It feels very strange, “said the famous.

Once his tale finished, Flores expressed his sadness for not being able to be present on the scheduled dates for the promotion of his new single “Verte otra vez”, for which he offers a public apology to “De primera mano”, “Sale el Sol,” EXA Radio “and” Cuéntamelo ya “.

The main reasons that the singer gave was “common sense” for not wanting to expose anyone to the disease, to avoid being quarantined when she arrived in Mexico City, but the most important for her was stay close to your child to care for him.

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