Santa Fe Klan Goes to America on Tour; these are the cities in which it will be presented

Santa Fe Klan has become one of the most important promises of the mexican rap, now him 22 year old of age has the task of conquering several places of U.S.

From recording in your bedroom to having million listeners on digital platforms, the artist is a star so many people want to pay a ticket to listen to his rhymes and sing along to his hits.

After singing in his precious neighborhood in Guanajuato, Santa Fe Klan managed to take his music to several cities in the country where he achieved total success and thousands of people joined the list of followers.


Now, next to C Kan They will be presented in important places in the American Union, so far the confirmed dates are: March 11 in San antonio, texas, March 12 at MC Allen, Texas, March 15 at Dallas, texas, March 17 at El Paso, Texas, March 22 at Santa Ana, California, March 23 at Los Angeles California, March 25 in San Diego, California and will culminate the Tour Usa 2022 on March 27 in The Vegas, Nevada.

“Raza Tickets are now available for San Antonio, McAllen, Dallas and Houston El Paso in 40 Minutes and Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas at 2 PM Mexico. ???????? See The Stories For The Tickets “, wrote Ángel Jair Quezada Villaseñor

It should be noted that in addition to this surprise Santa Fe has prepared a new song now with the rapper Gera MX, which participated in the hit “Bottle after bottle” with Christian Nodal, the single will be called “Problematic” and will be released on January 13, one of the reasons why young fans are very happy.

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