SSD and RAM for content creators: what are they about and… are they worth it?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made working at home more common, with many content creators building or upgrading their PCs for the challenges this represents.

That’s why I was curious about the line T-Create from Team Group, focused precisely on this segment, to which I belong.

I have tried the RAM T-Create Classic and the T-Create Classic NVMe SSD. How is this combo for creative work? More than a review, this is a product guide to see if it suits you or not.

A good combination

RAM T-Create Classic

While we already see Intel implementing DDR5 in their new lines, this kind of RAM it is still expensive and is only compatible with the 12th generation. The vast majority of users are still on Ddr4.

The RAM T-Create Classic I tested comes in the configuration of two 16GB modules (32GB total) and runs at 3,200 MHz.

Team Group maximizes compatibility in this RAM, which was at full speed without making extra settings in the BIOS, so there is no need to enable XMP or DOCP. This gives us, in most cases, greater stability.

These RAMs are CL 22-22-22-52, but they have a long-term advantage: they consume less power, consuming 1.2V.

The 32GB is more than enough for photographers and video editors. Obviously they are not the first alternative for gamers. But I do think they are for those who spend more hours working than playing. Still, 3,200 MHz would lag behind in very high-performance computers, particularly with video cards like an RTX 3080 or RTX 3090.

What if. If you want RGB, this is not your RAM. Its design is classic with a silver heatsink. Being low profile, they also ensure better compatibility.

Something remarkable is the lifetime guarantee of these RAM, something that will matter a lot to us with the PC as a work tool.

T-Create Classic SSD

In the case of the SSD, we tested the model 1TB PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe.

The user who wants to have the latest technology will notice that PCIe Gen 5 is already coming to storage. But let’s see the big picture.

PCIe Gen 4 is not yet massive and unfortunately PC gamers cannot take full advantage of it as it happens on consoles such as Playstation 5. Windows 10 and 11 are expected to implement DirectStorage this year to resolve this issue.

So a good Gen 3 SSD is still a very good option. East NVMe SSD it reaches 2,168 MB / s in reads and 1,705 MB / s in writes.

The SSD has NAND TLC and a five year warranty.

They’re worth it?

The RAM T-Create they are a very good option if your main goal is to create content and not necessarily to have the most colorful PC.

They are stable and require no extra configuration, with many users never “overclocking” their RAM in the first place, it is good to hit full speed out of the box.

Unless you have a Ryzen 9 5950X and an RTX 3090 in your system, chances are you won’t lose many frames per second when gaming.

The T-Create SSD it can be an interesting stepping stone. If you don’t have a NVMe, It could very well be your boot disk, especially if your motherboard doesn’t support PCIe Gen 4.

This may well stay with you over the years in your new system, considering that most non-lowercase boards have at least two slots. NVMe.

It’s not all RGB or wacky designs, but this combo looks great and would be a good acquisition, depending on the price, obviously.

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