the bet of a Venezuelan artist for his collection on Binance

Key facts:
  • Each NFT will cost 230 BUSD and with the purchase, various gifts and benefits will be given.

  • The collection is made up of 58 works, of which 11 make an ode to Creole breakfast.

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An ode to the Venezuelan breakfast by preference, the arepa, reaches the universe of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in Binance, from the hand of a local artist who decided to tokenize the typical dish of the Caribbean country, with unique and exclusive designs.

The visual artist and CEO of a drawing academy, Oscar Olivares, advertisement via Twitter that, from January 12 at midnight, a new NFT collection will be available on the Binance exchange marketplace.

According to what he specified in the social network, there are 11 types of arepa that the specialist tokenized, but the most relevant, from his point of view, is the GoldenArepa, a unique piece and “the most special” that will be up for auction.

These areperos designs are included in the artist’s new collection, called NFTOlivares, which is made up of 58 NFTs (which include arepas).

Olivares also reported that each piece will cost 230 BUSD, which is Binance’s stablecoin which has parity with the US dollar.


Discounts and other gifts for buying your NFTs

Those who access this collection, which is titled NFTOlivares, they will have exclusive lifetime discounts of 50% on physical artistic pieces and other Olivares items. Also, they will be the first to access their first digitized book for free.

With the discount on physical works, the artist suggests, you can save up to USD 450 when purchasing a work of art.

Likewise, those who buy your collection will have with a scholarship to any of the courses offered at Academia Olivares, as well as access to the Discord connections platform and to conferences and other events. With the scholarship, you can take a course valued between USD 20 or up to USD 400.

This is the second time that the Venezuelan visual artist brings his own piece to the NFT market. In April 2021 debuted with a design. That moment, he showed his excitement for giving his creations a digital air.

Arepas, the most important icon in the collection

To learn a little more about this digitized artistic collection, CriptoNoticias spoke exclusively with Oscar Olivares. He told us that this release has some of his more recent works that have never been physically edited, that is, they only exist in digital format.

The arepas series, he admitted, is the “most important icon” on his part, as it is an element “that unites all Venezuelans.” “So simple that we can all understand it, but so deep that it can make anyone fall in love,” he said.

The other designs, he explained, respond to the works of the Universe 1501, “A universe that I have created in my works where the main source of energy comes from plants.” He stated that the collection shows Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, from that universe.

Oscar Olivares said that the series of tokenized arepas are the most important in his collection. / Fountain: Oscar Olivares – Twitter.

Olivares specified that the coordination with Binance for the launch of the collection was very simple. “You just had to wait until everything was ready and here we are,” he commented, and then added: “I feel like [Binance] It’s an easy-to-access space for millions of people and I loved that. “

Regarding the public’s acceptance of the collection, he acknowledged that the connection was announced just today and he sees “a lot of energy.” “People are very attentive, in addition, the benefits of the collection have been very interesting for my audience,” he said.

Olivares announced that he plans to add more of his works on the exchange’s marketplace. He even revealed that on January 13 will be added his annual work of the Virgin of the Divine Shepherd “And more will come from Universe 1501”.

Other Venezuelan artists on the wave of the NFTs

Oscar Olivares, with his announcement, is now part of the Venezuelan artists who, taking advantage of tokenization, decided to enter the NFT market.

CriptoNoticias reported in December a group of artists opened La Tokenía, a virtual space where they exhibited their creations. The metaverse, built on the Tezos blockchain, was active on December 9 and 10.

This shows that the NFTs, which in 2021 registered sales of more than USD 40,000 million, according to this newspaper, are now a key target for artists, who see this space as an opportunity to jump to fame through their creations.

In fact, it is good to remember that, thanks to the NFTs, there are Venezuelans who were able to save their lives. For example, the profits from the designs, much larger than a monthly salary in the country, helped Alfonso Morales, who traveled to Colombia to undergo surgery, with the funds earned by his digital art.

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