The clues by which they assure that Anuel AA spent the night with Yailin

The singer Anuel AA It seems that he enjoys the honeys of love with his new girlfriend Yailin, because in recent days he has not stopped showing himself with her.

The most recent and revealing has been a video by which they assure that both spent the night together in a hotel in the Dominican Republic.

Anuel AA |  Mezcalent

The audiovisual material that circulates was shared by the artists themselves on their Instagram accounts.

In the case of Yailin, the most viral, as it becomes known, uploaded a story in which he is seen in a bed with what appears to be a companion. To put a romantic touch, the Dominican singer used the song ‘I want to lose myself with you’ in the background, by the Mexican José José.

Anuel AA, for his part, uploaded a video to show the facilities of the hotel where he stayed.

The rumors of the relationship between the artists are getting louder. However, there is still no official photo or post to announce their romance.

More evidence of the close relationship of Anuel AA and Yailin, the most viral

Another video that they have broadcast shows the ex of Karol G accompanying his new partner in a presentation he had in the Dominican Republic.

The comments on social networks have not been long in coming for what seems to be one of the most notorious romances of the moment.

Anuel AA |  Mezcalent

Some say that the Puerto Rican has a crush on the artist.

“She has it the way she wants it. I did not believe it, but you can see that they are there and how good for her and you can see that he wants to boost his career “, said a user.

Another comment that was read was: “Yeah !!! She got herself a real man. Look how that man supports that woman !!! I’m jumping for joy, they both deserve it “.

Who is Yailin?

The new conquest of Anuel AA is a Dominican singer of urban music, also known in the networks for her dances.

Her career began as a dancer in music videos for some artists in her country. In that medium he met people from the industry, until he decided to lean towards singing. It is characterized by its urban genre interpretations, especially reggaeton and dembow.

Karol G / (Photo by Rich Fury / Getty Images)

Some of his songs are ‘Booty’, ‘Rico’ and ‘Who is robbing me of me’, with which he has been conquering the audience little by little.

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