The curious reason why Penelope Cruz eats handfuls of salt

Throughout all of history, many celebrities and personalities have shared what their health habits are to keep fit, some routines that, due to their worldwide repercussion, did not take long to be applied by a multitude of followers from all over the world. In the last hours, Penelope Cruz has explained one of her most unknown, although it is not precisely due to his state of form but to his meticulous health care.

A habit to take care of your tension

The Spanish actress visited the James Corden program in the last hours, where she spoke, among other things, about what the cardiologist told her on one of his visits. He did not reveal it on his own initiative, but by the discovery of a film partner, Jessica Chastain, with whom he coincided in ‘Agents 355‘, that He pointed out that one day he caught ‘red-handed‘to Penelope Cruz eating nothing less than a handful of salt: “You were telling me about all these types of medicinal cures”.

To the surprise of the spectators, Penelope Cruz began to explain this strange habit: “It was my cardiologist who told me to do it, because my blood pressure is very low. But it has to be the appropriate type of salt,” acknowledged the Spanish actress about one of his best kept secrets. In fact, his habits reach such a point that he also dared to reveal one of his most famous nicknames: “They call me Dr. Cruz.”

The handful of salt monopolized all the prominence of Penelope Cruz’s visit, and it is that it not only left the audience speechless but also won the admiration of the presenter and his filming partner: “He’s very healthy, he looks like he’s 17“Jessica Chastain pointed out about this habit of Penelope Cruz and her enviable state of form, especially her physical state, although as we have seen the actress also pampers her inner health.

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