The intrahistory of the renewal of Umtiti with Barça

The FC Barcelona He has had a productive weekend from his offices, which have managed to seal a pact that is more than necessary for the present of the institution. The Blaugrana directive has announced the renewal of Samuel Umtiti until June 2026, in an agreement where the Frenchman renounces a part of the salary that he had left to collect until 2023, and that he will now receive in four and a half years.

The ‘novel’ of the contracts in Barcelona has been taking center stage since December, since the club needed to strengthen itself to be able to cover the irregularities, injuries and infections that the squad has suffered. The entity, since summer, had been talking with the surroundings of the defender to reach a beneficial agreement for both parties. The Frenchman’s salary was on the podium of the highest and did not have minutes of play to support it, so an assignment was the best option.

But nevertheless, its high file did not facilitate any operation, and the freedom letter was a viable option but it would not be well received by the footballer. Xavi Hernández had already made it clear that the Yaoundé-born did not earn a place in the starting eleven or in the player rotation, so his stay in Catalonia was beginning to be a burden.

It was here when, according to ‘SPORT’, the club considered terminating the player’s contract, even knowing they had everything to lose when the case went to court. However, in the face of such a threat, the footballer has yielded and both parties have reached an agreement more than necessary. This movement, together with the loan of Philippe Coutinho, has facilitated the registration of Dani alves Y Ferran torres, who are already available to the coach.

A more acceptable assignment

With the new negotiation between Arturo Canales, Umtiti’s agent, and Barça, the future looks ‘clearer’ for both. ‘Big Sam’ could now get minutes on another team if he wishes, since his contract is much more flexible. In addition, you will have the confidence of not being under ‘the focus’ of the media due to your contractual situation. For its part, the Barcelona team will register its new star reinforcement, and will be able to be more aggressive in the winter market.

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