The iPad could incorporate Samsung OLED screens in the future

If the project ends or not, it seems that it is Apple’s responsibility.

Samsung is quite known for making some of the most impressive OLED displays on the market. This news comes just a few months after another that claimed that Apple would have ruled out Samsung to put OLED screens on the iPad. Now, the new report ensures that Samsung would be willing to work with Cupertino only if the company is willing to place a large enough order as for the project to be economically viable.

Late last year Apple ruled out Samsung as the maker of its OLED displays for its iPad Air due to issues with cost, brightness and durability., as we found in the report. On the other hand, a very recent report indicates that Apple is evaluating working with the Chinese manufacturer BOE, which has just remodeled its facilities to manufacture 15-inch OLED screens.

Problems with Samsung technology on OLED screens

The Elec, the Korean medium that revealed the changes within the BOE, has also released a new report ensuring that the collaboration between Apple and Samsung could return very soon. Of course, it seems that this time the responsibility falls on Apple, and that is that Samsung needs to make sure that the project is economically viable in order to proceed.

During the first phase of the project, Samsung was working on an OLED panel for Apple made up of a single battery. Nevertheless, Apple wanted a tandem two-cell structure to improve brightness and durability. from the screen. The problem is that the Apple idea was too expensive, so the project ended up being canceled. Now, however, it seems that Samsung has the machinery to do it at a lower cost.

The South Korean display panel manufacturer’s development of a vertical deposition machine, in collaboration with Japan’s Ulvac, for use in Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels, which began last year, was underway in January 2022. The The equipment, along with the thin metal masks (FMM) used to precisely deposit organic materials onto the substrate, is a key technology required to commercialize the Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels.

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