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The founders of WellWo, workplace wellness, they are very clear about the purpose for which they decided to create the workplace wellness platform: improve the health of companies and their employees so that they achieve 360 ​​well-being. To this day, companies such as Naturgy, Estrella Galicia or the pharmaceutical company Medichem, among other leading national and international companies in different sectors, demonstrate the success of their objective, which have relied on WellWo for promote occupational health practices.

They are able to promote healthy lifestyle habits, thanks to implementing and adapting the WellWo platform to corporations, which takes action on the three essential pillars for global well-being: physical, emotional and nutritional health. Along with a fourth pillar which is that of the environmental health, as a corporate solution to support the CSR department (Corporate Social Responsibility).

The method they follow is to impact the employees through a series of tools in order to integrate these habits into their lives and, thus, make them gain in health and well-being. The result is healthier, happier and more committed employees. For the company, it represents a improvement in the work environment, the reduction in absenteeism, increased results in the productivity and one image enhancement of the corporation.

They are presented as a transversal solution for the company and its collaborators. The platform is a service online, responsive and available in several languages so that there are no limitations of use, regardless of where the workers are, the device they use or the language they speak.

The service performs an exercise of engagement of the employees and their families, being able to be used both in the work context and outside of it and the healthy platform adapts to the look & feel of the corporation. Therefore, the user perceives audiovisual content as an internal development of the company itself, which attends and cares about its team, strengthening ties.

In the words of Orlando Pérez, CEO of the company, “We make ourselves available to companies to implement the healthy and well-being platform so that all of them promote health among their workers through physical activity and taking care of their nutritional and emotional health”.

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About WellWo: Founded in 2019, based at the Roca Umbert Audiovisual Center in Granollers, Barcelona. Its mission is to help other companies improve the well-being of their employees, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

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