They design the first electric vehicle designed for Uber

File photo.  |  Credit: Uber
File photo. | Credit: Uber

Electric mobility takes an increasingly leading role worldwide, an example of this are the brands that have announced electric models or that have totally turned to a zero-emission alternative. Aware of it, The automaker BYD and the transport company with driver Uber announced a partnership for the creation of the first electric vehicle designed for shared transport.

In the next 24 months, the travel company Uber will have a fleet of up to a thousand electric vehicles that can be rented to driversThe novelty of the proposal lies in its implementation, since the first country to see the new mobility system will be Chile, starting with its capital.

The D1 vehicle will be silent, zero emissions and will be able to transport up to four passengers, in addition to having a range of 418 kilometers on a single charge, which can be completed 100% in approximately 2 hours.

At the level of technological advances, the car will have a level 2 assisted driving system, that is, it will have automatic emergency braking, lane or lane change warning, sensors in the event of a possible collision and an angle predictive system that allows you to determine where the vehicle will be heading in reverse, as well as automatically adjustable lighting.

In terms of safety and because it is designed for shared travel, the D1 will have four airbags and a video and voice analysis system thanks to a connectivity system powered by artificial intelligence.

“We are very happy to be able to join BYD in this alliance that represents another step towards fulfilling our global commitment to have 100% of trips on the platform without emissions by 2040. We want to be allies of cities against climate change, generating a sustainable mobility, that is shared, electric and multimodal ”informed Alberto Vignau, General Manager of Uber in Chile.

This is not BYD’s only commitment to electric mobility in Latin America, in Colombia, the company owns 90% of the electric taxi fleet in Medellín and more than 40 electric taxis in Bogotá, in addition, the D1 model will also be launched in Although the country will be focused on electric taxis in the city of eternal spring by EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín) and the municipal administration.

According to Juan Felipe Velásquez, Commercial Manager of BYD Colombia, electric mobility is also an investment opportunity, because thanks to laws such as Decree 846 of December 30, 2019 of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, and laws such as 1964 of 11 July 2019, these vehicles are exempt from any mobility restriction such as peak and license plate, car-free day, traffic restrictions due to environmental issues, etc.

In addition to the benefits in terms of mobility, in Colombia electric cars have a reduction in costs such as technical-mechanical reviews, vehicle taxes, preferential parking, among others.

The robot taxi fleet that Google is developing

File photo.  |  Credit: Waymo
File photo. | Credit: Waymo

The Waymo project is part of the Alphabet conglomerate, whose main subsidiary is Google, the initiative was born in 2009 with the idea of ​​implementing and manufacturing fully autonomous vehicles, and more than a decade later it is about to begin to materialize, as the company is ending of partnering with automaker Geely to bring the first fleet of fully autonomous, electric taxis to the streets.

The cars will begin to be designed in Sweden because it is in that country that the Chinese manufacturer owns the Volvo facilities, the brand it owns and the idea is to adapt the iconic Zeekr (Volvo electric car) with five doors equipping it with the hardware and software so that it can drive itself.

Through a statement, Waymo announced that it plans to initially deploy these vehicles in the United States at some point in “the next few years.”

The first designs of this alliance show a vehicle designed exclusively to drive itself, so it does not have a steering wheel, lever, or pedals. It has a low step to enter the car and an open design without any separation between the seats, in addition to sliding doors and reclining seats.

The concept will only have a screen as an add-on, although it is not known if it will present any type of entertainment or it will only be for passengers to see the progress of their trip.


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