They threw him out of America and Miguel Herrera uncovers how arbitration does favor them

Miguel Herrera confesses that arbitration would favor America
Miguel Herrera confesses that arbitration would favor America

The Tigres coach, Miguel Herrera, at a press conference he came across the issue of the tenuous sanction against Santiago Solari, current America strategist, for invading the pitch and insulting the referee.

The former coach of America assured that he is not sure whether or not the Disciplinary Commission favors Santiago SolariBut what is certain is that if he had committed that offense, a national scandal would have already been made.

According Miguel Herrera sitting on a bench as important as azulcrema can generate these types of outbursts, but it will be Mexican Football Federation determine the punishment for those involved.

More news from America:

They sanction Solari and America would already have their new DT ready for the Clausura

Did they forgive Miguel Herrera like Solari when he was in America?

On various occasions Miguel Herrera He was a participant in confrontations not only with the referees but also with rival coaches. The most remembered was when he had an encounter with Hernán CristanteOn that occasion, Piojo deserved a suspension match, as is now the case with Solari.

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