This is the NY apartment that Alex Rodriguez had to beg to be allowed to buy

Alex Rodriguez is the new owner of an emblematic apartment in New York.

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images / Grosby Group

The ex-New York baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 46, is admired by many, but not loved by many others, as happened with his New York City Neighbors, to whom he had to beg to be allowed acquire an apartment in an exclusive building, which looks more like a castle and is located opposite Central Park.

According to information from the New York Post, which was the medium that released the news, Jennifer Lopez’s ex was rejected on his first try by the neighborhood council, Well, they weren’t entirely convinced of opening the doors to a celebrity who was going to end the peace and harmony of the community, since the least they are interested in is attracting the spotlight.

The building looks like a castle in the middle of Central Park (The Grosby Group)

Despite a failed first attempt, A-Rod did not lose faith and returned to approach the members of the board, whom he begged to allow him to invest in the building, finally achieving his mission.

“He was hardly accepted and had to beg the board. They don’t want anyone with celebrity status to live here, “various sources reveal to The Post.

The new home of the former New York Yankees player had a value of $ 9.95 million and is located inside an emblematic building built in 1929.

The apartment has an area of ​​3,600 square feet, with three bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

It also has a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, office, laundry room, among other rooms.

The kitchen is semi-open, quite spacious and has tiles that resemble a chessboard. The room is equipped with a gray cupboard, with wooden appliances and a wooden table in the center that can be used to prepare food, but also as a breakfast area.

This is the kitchen of Alex Rodriguez's new home, which resembles a chessboard (The Grosby Group)
This is the kitchen of Alex Rodriguez’s new home, which resembles a chessboard (The Grosby Group)

The master bedroom has an area of ​​900 square feet with more than enough space for a large bed and a living room. Likewise, it has two bathrooms, a very large dressing room and access to another room, which could well be suitable as a second living room or as a study.

Alex Rodriguez's new bedroom is extremely spacious (The Grosby Group)
Alex Rodriguez’s new bedroom is extremely spacious (The Grosby Group)

From the apartment there are enviable views of Central Park, which would lead us to understand why the sports analyst insisted on investing in the place.

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