Tigers worried? Sale of Carlos Salcedo hangs by a thread

The arrival of the Mexican to Brazil would not be due to contractual issues

The UANL Tigers are facing a real predicament, due to the fact that the possible departure from the institution by Mexican defender Carlos Salcedo is increasingly complicated. Several teams are interested in taking over the services of the Aztec, but so far no agreement has been reached for the World Cup player.

The team led by Miguel Herrera would have received interesting proposals by Salcedo directly from Portugal, the United States and Brazil, although the latter country could be ruled out of the fight due to a contractual problem, which if not resolved would eliminate two quite attractive proposals.

According to the information provided by TUDN, “el Titán” Salcedo signed authorization documents on January 2 for a Brazilian company led by Dan Kosic to get him offers abroad, now having as candidates for his signing Flamengo and Palmeiras del Brasileirao.

The problem arose when the representative of the Aztec defender decided to attend the negotiation on his own account, setting aside the contract that the Tigres player signed with the company, which led to Plameiras withdrawing his offer for the Mexican.

The problem could end if simply the company and the representative of Salcedo reach an agreement, which in case of not fixing their problem, would also represent the departure of Flamengo for Salcedo.

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