Tigres adds more than a decade of not winning in Torreón

The Santos Modelo Territory is called ‘The house of other people’s pain‘And boy, does it fit Tigres like a glove, because the feline group hasn’t won in this venue for just over a decade. And it is that since the Ida of the End of Opening 2011, when they won 1-0, the felines have not triumphed again in Keep; It seems that when the curse of almost 30 years without a title ended, another one fell on them, that of not winning at TSM.

In that meeting held on December 8, 2011, the auriazules took the advantage with a single goal from Damien Alvarez and that helped the team head to its third league title in its history, sealing the final series in the Volcano 3-1.

It is so this Wednesday, Tigers, from the hand of Miguel Herrera, open the Closing 2022 with an ‘impossible’ customs, in which they add 11 games lost in their last 16 visits, the other 5 have been draws. Of that amount of duels, 14 are League matches, one Cup and one match. Concachampions,

Those poor results are due to the fact that felines they have not been effective in front of the goal and the defense has been very fragile, only 14 goals have been scored in this period to Saints, who instead added 33 that they gave to Tigres.

Even the battle with the Warriors was also in the Volcano, since it was until the Closing 2018 who managed to beat the greens, with goals from Ismael Sosa Y André-Pierre Gignac, with the score 2-1; they had not won since that time they were crowned at the Volcano.

How did you do in 2021?

Tigers started the 2021 with the intention of not reaching a decade without beating Saints at home, but when facing them in January during Matchday 2, the felines fell 2-0; While in the Opening 2021, already with him Louse to the front, they returned to the Region and in the Quarterfinals they fell again in that stadium 2-1.

However, that result did not serve the lagoons, because in the Volcano the win 1-0 That was enough for the Auriazules, since the 2-2 aggregate gave them the pass to the Semifinals.

COVID-19, another battle to fight

The TSM It is a challenge for the Tigers of Louse; for now they managed to overcome a difficult situation, recovering 10 players out of 12 who tested positive for covid-19, reason why the meeting was rescheduled from Saturday, January 8 to Wednesday 12. Although bad news was given this Sunday, since Nico López, the feline scorer, will not be available due to the contagion.


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