Tom Brady’s rivals to reach Super Bowl LVI


The road to revalidate the Super Bowl title begins for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the rivals they would have until Super Bowl LVI. Aaron Rodgers would be the great enemy.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady
© Getty ImagesAaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

Tampa bay buccaneers took the first step to begin the path of revalidating the Super Bowl title after qualifying for the NFL Playoffs 2022 as champions of the South Division of the National Conference. It is already known who will be the rivals of Tom brady and company to get to Super Bowl LVI and Aaron Rodgers it presents itself as the main enemy.

Who would have thought? Brady received a help from the quarterback who was to be his replacement in New England Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo, and with the victory of the San Francisco 49ers over the Los Angeles Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rose to being the second seed in the National Conference in the 2022 NFL Playoffs.

In this way, the first rival of Brady and the Bucs to reach Super Bowl LVI will be the most accessible team in the game of the Wild card They will play on Sunday, January 16 at 1:00 p.m. ET at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay.

If Tom Brady and the Buccaneers beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card, they won’t face the best team in the National Conference, Green Bay Packers, in the Divisional Round. In the event that San Francisco 49ers beat Dallas Cowboys, the rival of TB12 and the Bucs in the next phase of Playoffs will be the winner of the Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals.

Brady and the Buccaneers’ last rival to reach Super Bowl LVI would be …

In the event that the Dallas Cowboys defeat the San Francisco 49ers, Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccanners’ rival in the Divisional Round will be the Cowboys. Any of the scenarios that occur will have one more rival for the Bucs to reach Super Bowl LVI (February 13). If the experts’ forecasts are given, TB12’s last opponent in the 2022 NFL Playoffs would be Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers for the National Conference Championship game. Will the history of 2021 repeat itself?

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