Unscrupulous developers make millions of dollars with totally useless apps

Develop applications for him mobile has become a phenomenon that is succeeding enormously for a few how many years. Some apps are original and provide necessary functions to society, while many others, literally, they are useless and they can even be scams.


There is a large number of useful applications on our phones

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Recently a major app developer, Kosta Eleftheriou, has posted a thread on Twitter in which he denounces the activity carried out by unscrupulous developers: these people earn a Big amount of money manufacturing Applications completely useless.

An application that borders on the scam

An example that puts Kosta as a completely useless application it is known as AmpMe, who has come to win millions of dollars, despite being an app of very little use. As explained by the developer, these people use a specific method to get your applications to be downloaded by many people.

Searching and using Names Y popular descriptions enter the user searches, they manage to make themselves visible and capture the attention of the potential potential customer. In the case of AmpMe, the full name of the application is AmpMe – Speaker Booster: Speaker Volume Booster.

For total ignorance, many people look for applications for example so that the speakers his mobiles sound with more power. In other words, as if an application could improve the volume to which they sound the rest of the applications.

Why do these apps have such good references?

The question that comes to mind is simple: How can applications like this be well positioned in the rankings? This is because the developers spend money to buy opinions completely false.

Only in this way a useless application as is the case of AmpMe is valued at a 4.3 / 5 more than 54,000 reviews. If we look at the messages, we can see that the names of the users are letters without any meaning. In other words, these are scam apps.

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