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Vitesco Technologies has received a significant order worth more than one billion euros coming from a American automaker of the one who has not revealed the name. The German company will “supply millons of 800 volt inverters with silicon carbide technology for their electric vehicles ”. Along with the announcement of this important commission, Vitesco has announced the expansion of its production in North America.

To increase the efficiency of electric vehicles, they are beginning to use silicon carbide semiconductors that enable the development and application of transistors and integrated circuits used in the electronics industry, including 800 volt inverters. This technology is presented as the tool to take advantage of the potential of the high voltage architectures providing maximum efficiency in terms of energy consumption. In addition, it allows you to have smaller and lighter inverters compared to a 400 volt one.

According to the company’s statement, in order to meet the announced order, Vitesco plans that the high-voltage inverter, including the power module, produced directly in the United States. For now, no more details about him or these production plans have been revealed. The strategy that was made public in April 2020 that made Vitesco Technologies a separate company from its parent company, Continental, was aimed at taking advantage of the automotive industry’s shift towards electrification. It included an expansion into the Asian market, specifically the Chinese, and also an increase in activities in North America.

Hyundai E-GMP platform vitesco inverter

Electric cars from the Korean group Hyundai-Kia using the E-GMP platform will use Vitesco’s 800-volt inverter based on silicon carbide.

Expansion of Vitesco with electric mobility as a base strategy

Vitesco states that, in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone, the volume of orders for automobile components related to their electrification and electrification amounted to more than two billion euros. In addition to this large order from the United States, it has also recently received others from a Chinese and a Japanese automaker, with volumes running into the hundreds of millions of euros. As specified by the company, these are orders specifically related to high voltage drive shafts which are manufactured and supplied as complete systems, including the necessary power electronics.

Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco, says they are one of the first suppliers to the automotive industry “firmly focused on electric mobility”. These recent requests support the decision made at the time. “We are following a route plan that will promote our mission

According to Thomas Stierle, head of the Electrification Technology business unit, Vitesco’s portfolio focuses on global and scalable platforms for electric vehicles which is where there is real potential for growth. According to his statements, the company is in a position to quickly bring its innovations to market “so that vehicle manufacturers around the world can offer electromobility solutions that are as efficient as they are affordable.”

One of the most important customers for Vitesco and its 800-volt inverter with silicon carbide technology is the Hyundai-Kia Group. The agreement signed in the spring of 2021 specified a turnover of millions of euros in inverters to be installed in the Hunda and Kia models based on on the E-GMP platform. With this platform, the Korean company wants to bring 800-volt technology to the mass market.

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