Weather forecast with severe cold warnings for this Wednesday morning in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

lucrecia: this segment ledcourtesy of pure waterspring and official waterthe weather coverage here inunivisón 41. we wake up on the daytoday with temperatures thatthis morning they are going to staybetween 10 and 20, we seethat some cities already knowthey are very close to whatthat will be the next for himtoday and as far asalways to some of thecities, conditions that arefind below, evenup to 5, markingonly the 4 in thesemoments. in temperaturesjust in the 9, the rest of theIt is not so trustworthy, we will seetemperatures rise furtherfrom freezing point.for the next few hourswe hope to see the therometerabout 20 years to about10:00 am and after therewe welcometemperatures that are going toplace in the 30 but the maximumfrom today they can reach40. As for theprecipitation conditionsmostly cloudy skies, withsome spoad times ofsun but as we get closertowards the night we will see thatcloud cover increaseon the region. as thenext for today wewe stayed over 30, evensome cities reaching the40, the newark area withclose to 41 and we waitsee over 40for air long regards to the nextwe will see for today and tomorrowa therometer standing on itshigh point 40.Friday begins that

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