“What a barbarian”: Pati Chapoy thinks about the performance of Omar Chaparro’s daughter in “Rebelde”

Netflix premiered the new version of “Rebel“and one of the young women who captured the public’s attention was Omar Chaparro’s daughter, Andrea, who has received good reviews for her participation in the series and among these is that of the entertainment journalist Pati chapoy.

The 20-year-old actress plays “MJ” in the long-awaited series that began in the midst of a great controversy over the statements of Sergio Mayer Mori, as well as the alarming messages and confessions of some former RBD stars, although this has not reduced the enthusiasm of the cast.

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Pati chapoy he assured that Andrea Chaparro is what he likes the most about “Rebel“He also described her as a young woman”talented and beautiful“:” How great! How well she does it. ”Thanks to her participation, the young woman has managed to capture the attention of the public, placing herself as a great promise of the performance.

In an interview for “Ventaneando”, Andrea Chaparro She said that her passion for acting began when she was very young and since then she has prepared to make her way in the middle of the show, a talent that she inherited from her father, the Mexican comedian Omar Chaparro, who has not stopped supporting her.

Andrea said that her family contacted her when they saw the first episode of “Rebelde”, a moment when her father could not avoid burst into tears proud of what his daughter has accomplished. Regarding Sergio Mayer Mori’s comments, he pointed out that he was wrong and that he is worth expressing what he thinks about the series.

“Rebelde” begins between controversies

Andrea Chaparro added another controversy to “Rebelde” by confessing that the worst kiss of his career Sergio Mayer Mori would have given it to him, this during a scene that became one of the most uncomfortable moments together and that the public will be able to see because the production decided to keep it.

“My worst kissing experience in ‘Rebele’ with Sergio Mayer Mori. There is a part, where the kiss itself is supposed to be akward, it is very uncomfortable, but I think I understood one thing, he understood another thing, and I don’t know, a lack of communication and it was just uncomfortable. That shot was left, the most uncomfortable, because it was, but it was funny, it turned out good, “he said.

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The statements of Sergio Mayer Mori About the series they have earned strong criticism, but recently he added in an interview for the magazine Who would have decided to participate because he needed the job to pay for his daughter’s expenses: “I am not impressed by any issue that has to do with the series. With great pleasure and with great gratitude I did what I had to do, I did my job as an actor and everything, but other than that, there is no impression or expectation of anything because my priorities are different.

Alfonso Herrera also congratulated the cast of “Rebel“However, he accompanied him with an alarming message in which he asked them to” review their contracts well “as Dulce María revealed that they would not have been paid well compared to the success of the telenovela and the use of their image.


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