What Angulo de Chivas discovered that made Amaury not want him in the team

What Angulo de Chivas discovered that made Amaury not want him in the team

Jesús Angulo was one of the best players of the last tournament with Guadalajara, in fact his contribution was so great that for this 2022 his undisputed ownership was expected but everything changed due to some decisions to the Chivas internal where they do not want any secret to leak .

Chivas handles the issue of communication very hermetically, it does not want any secrets to leak, now that Angulo created his own talk show, El Universal revealed that the intern did not like the intern at all, Amaury Vergara already called for attention but when they did not receive a positive response, they decided to sanction him.

In the Canelo Angulo program, Chivas players themselves are interviewed, it already happened with Chicote Calderón who revealed that on some occasions “fart or crude” came to training, of course this interview was seen by thousands and reproduced by various media outlets. communication.

More news from Chivas:

The only billionaire to whom Amaury Vergara would sell Chivas

In Chivas they do not want any secret to be revealed and if Canelo Angulo continues with the same thing at some point, some player could tell something more that could leave the Sacred Flock in a bad way, due to this and by way of pressure, both Leaño and Amaury, thumbs down on his ownership.

Jesús Angulo does not want to leave his other job

El Canelo Angulo will not stop doing his programs even if it costs him his position in the titular role because he considers that he is not doing anything wrong and if Chivas has a problem with that, it is theirs.

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