What did Marathon decide and which are the two teams that want to take it?


The novel Kervin Arriaga does not end in Marathon until the club decides where it will send him in a negotiation that will be agreed with the footballer and thus put an end to his stage in the purslane team.

And it is that the footballer, who still has six months of contract, was marginalized from the past November 2 after being sent off in the Concacaf League for a header to Diego Rodríguez when the game was 0-0, but with this action he gave an advantage to Motagua and ended up winning the match 2-0.

This was the last of several disciplinary actions that the Uruguayan coach Martín “Tato” García he endured and since then took a radical position of sending him to train with reservations and not taking him into account even in training despite the approaches that the directive tried to make, but they ended up respecting the DT’s decision.

The young midfielder, considered today one of the best footballers in the country, has been on the sidelines of the squad and works with the reserve team as it is a disposition of the leadership that he must respect.

Even so, Arriaga was taken into account by the coach Hernán “Bolillo” Gómez for the friendly game against Colombia that will take place on Sunday, January 16 in Fort Lauderdale.


The future is uncertain for the midfielder, he runs the risk of staying without participating in this first half of 2022 since in the club where he has a contract there are no options to play unless there is a change of coach and to agree to go to another team, Marathon He must also agree, as the Sampedrano club tries to get some financial benefit from his card for the remaining time.

To the “Missile“They seek to locate him abroad and as revealed by the sporting vice president purslane, he already has options in his hands and it depends on him, the ‘green bellies’ seek an economic benefit since the investment in him with his signing in 2019 cost several million lempiras and They did not achieve their goal of sending him abroad.

“He has them in his possession and is analyzing them, it depends on whether he accepts or not so that Marathon give him the ok and fulfill his dream of going abroad ”, Rolando Peña reported.

On the interest of Minnesota United from MLS in signing him it was only that, as there was no formal proposal to go to the United States.

In the national field there are also clubs interested in him, one that wants it is his old club, Platense, they already have a verbal agreement with him, but he is the president Orinson Amaya who has the last word if he lets him go to the sharks at no cost.


Faced with the uncomfortable situation that he lives being relegated from the Sampedrano club, now he is the Life who has shown real interest in hiring Kervin Arriaga.

The coconut trees have a solvent economy and the purslanes already have the president’s proposal on the table Luis Cruz, but the athlete must also agree to sign a contract of more than six months with the coconut trees.

The leg market in Honduras will end on January 30th, but if Kervin Arriaga appears on the official list for a match in the Clausura tournament will remain in Marathon and you can only go abroad.

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