What does FIFA say about cases like Erick Rivera’s?

Last Monday it was announced that FIFA sanctioned Erick Rivera indefinitely because he tested positive for clostebol, a substance prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The national striker was sanctioned in October 2021 after a CONCACAF octagonal match against Canada in Toronto, but it was until January 2022 that it was aired. As a result of the notification made by FIFA, Erick Rivera had to disassociate himself from both his team, Santa Tecla, and the national team.

Various voices such as the president of the FESFUT, Hugo Carrillo; Heriberto Guerrero, doctor of national teams; and Eduardo Amaya, president of Santa Tecla agree that the player applied a healing ointment after getting a tattoo prior to the game against Canada.


In its “FIFA Anti-Doping” regulations, it establishes that a player may receive a punishment of two to four years. In the worst case, the period of suspension will be four years if a) the anti-doping rule violation is not linked to a specific substance, unless the player or another person can demonstrate that the violation was unintentional; and b) the anti-doping rule violation is linked to a specific substance and FIFA can show that the anti-doping rule violation was intentional.

However, the “FIFA Anti-Doping” regulations also speak of reduction of punishment in Article 23 (reduction of the period of Ineligibility for significant absence of fault or negligence). The player -in this case Erick Rivera- will have to prove that he committed a fault.

“When the anti-doping rule violation is linked to a specific (and non-addictive) substance or a specific method and the player or other person can demonstrate a significant absence of misconduct or negligence, the sanction will consist of, at a minimum, a warning (warning ) and no period of suspension and, at most, in two years of suspension, depending on the seriousness of the offense, “says the FIFA regulations.


At the moment Erick Rivera is at a stage where he will have to prove to FIFA that he did not use prohibited substances for competitive purposes.

“As I understand it and what we saw from the notification was that Erick was entering a defense stage, I understand that he has lawyers on this issue and goes to a hearing and after that hearing he will be notified of the resolution of the case and see whether he can appeal or not, “explained Eduardo Amaya, president of Santa Tecla.

On the other hand, the doctor of the FESFUT Heriberto Guerrero also illustrated the stage by which Erick Rivera is before FIFA. The doctor assured that the player has FIFA lawyers at his disposal to see how much a possible punishment can be reduced.

“FIFA has lawyers at the disposal of the players so that they can appeal their cases, plead guilty, which minimizes it, and through these FIFA lawyers it is tried that the sanction is less than four years,” he concluded.


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