What happened to the Medicine Students of Ica?

It was the year 2000 and an unknown team from Ica broke into the Peru Cup, with the purpose of reaching the first division. It was about Medicine students which, against all odds, endorsed the ‘male soccer tournament’.

The purple squad won the popular promotion contest, without losing a single match from the regional stage. In the semifinals, he eliminated the traditional Atlético Grau de Piura and in the grand final he beat the historic Bolognesi de Tacna by defeating him, both in the first leg and in the second leg, 1-0.

After this feat in the Peru Cup, the board decided to ratify the position of coach José Ramírez Cubas, who faced the 2001 Decentralized Tournament with the base of his champion team. The Ica squad felt the category change, but despite this, they achieved a historic victory over Universitario de Deportes at the Monumental Stadium by 2 to 1.

However, the results, in general terms, did not accompany Medicine students, which forced the leadership to dismiss Ramírez Cubas and put Franco Navarro in his place, who had the challenge of taking the team out of last place and thus avoiding their relegation.

In addition to Franco Navarro, the purple team was reinforced with players such as Germán Carty, Paul Cominges, Carlos Barrionuevo, Rubén Díaz, Juan Flores, Alex Magallanes, César Charún, among others. All these additions made the Ica team finish in first place in the Clausura tournament together with Cienciano. Both had to play a tiebreaker final in Arequipa, which the Cusco residents won 1-0.

No longer a chance to fight for the national title, Medicine students He could have as a consolation prize qualifying for the 2002 Copa Libertadores, but for this he had to defeat Sporting Cristal in round-trip matches.

In the first duel against the Celestial, the Ica people seemed to secure their cupbearer ticket. They won 4-0 and had 10 minutes to go. They had a penalty that could have been the fifth goal in the afternoon, but Miguel Miranda would save the maximum penalty and the rimenses ended up cutting the advantage to 4 to 3. In addition, the purple squad suffered a series of expulsions in the final, which hurt the second leg in which they lost 3-0.

In the following seasons, Medicine students it was far from being the leading team in 2001. In 2002 its greatest achievement was saving the category, while the 2003 tournament was suspended due to the professional players’ strike. Said paralysis saved the people of Ica who were candidates to go down.

In 2004, economic problems overwhelmed the southern institution, to the point that they made the decision to merge with Atlético Grau and as a result, Grau-Estudiantes was born.

Said hybrid, which would move to Piura and play with the colors of the northern team, only lived a few months, so Medicine students it was coming back to life but in a terminal phase. The team withdrew from the Decentralized Tournament with few dates remaining for the final, which is why the FPF suspended it for three years from not participating in any tournament in the country.

In 2008, without any type of sanction, he returned to the competition in the Peru Cup, but without much success and on the contrary, he was descending to the third division of the district league of Ica. In 2014 his last participation in the tournament was registered, after that nothing was heard from that team that excited an entire city in 2001 and that knew how to win the sympathy of the rest of the country.

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