What if you are in Citibanamex?

The most recent stitch of Citigroup put half Mexico upside down. The advertisement —Something untimely— from his exit from consumer banking in our country it caused a wave of doubts in a very important part of daily life: the savings, accounts and financial stability of millions of people.

Besides credit cards, payroll and accounts there is another matter: what will happen to your Afore if you were in Citibanamex?


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One of the most interesting pieces of information that came out in the whole discussion is that Citi managed the Afore from more than 9 million people in Mexico —9 million 625 thousand, if you want the most exact number— and all those accounts will be for sale.

What will happen to your Afore?

First of all, this is not going to happen tomorrow. There is still a lot of information missing about the possible sale and if the purchase of 9 million Afore accounts, you will have to have the authorization of the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (CONSAR).

The joke is that there are still many economic, financial and, above all, regulatory steps missing.


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Already talking about what matters to us: the institution that buys the Afore accounts of all who are in Citibanamex they will have to honor all commitments. They have to respect the commission that Citi already charged you.

Speaking of… the Afore commission is down almost a third by 2022. So, if you are in Citibanamex they will charge you 0.57% on the managed balance. That figure serves to have it always pending not only in case a new administration arrives

Where $% & #! is my afore?

As here in the Sopicueva, some of us also had doubts and you easily lose the Afore If you are distracted, it is very easy to know where you have your savings.

You just have to enter this page of the CONSAR. Is named Locate your Afore.


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You have to put your Social Security Number or your CURP —If you need something easier to find—, you put an email account so they can send you the information and in a matter of minutes you already received the changarro. This way you will know where you have your Afore if you had it lost or if you had it in Citibanamex.

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