What the Club León would have to pay to buy JJ Macías

José Juan Macías’s European dream has turned into a nightmare in which he only loses his value and makes Chivas lose money, although at the same time that brings him closer to other clubs.

Thus, since the León Club wants to return to take over the services of the forward, it would be an approximate of 7 million dollars that they should pay for JJ Macías, according to halftime information.

JJ is devalued every day

And the fact is that the fewer minutes Macías plays with Getafe in the Spanish League, the more likely his return to the Mexican League is.

The devaluation of Macías is exactly the same as that suffered by Raúl Jiménez during his first semester in Europe, although the outlook for Macías is not very good.

The lack of activity takes its toll on the Getafe attacker in all aspects: physically, soccer, but also economically, since it has already devalued in these 6 months around 3 million euros.

Macías got off to a good start that only lasted from August to October, since in that month, injuries and tactical decisions complicated his path.

In La Liga, JJ has not played since October 3, when he played only one minute against Real Sociedad de San Sebastián.

Given the lack of minutes and bad moments that it has had, Getafe will not make valid the purchase option that ends in July 2022.

Its devaluation also affects Chivas, because if the club decided to sell it now, it would have to do so on a lower basis of 3 million dollars.

Jiménez lived the same as Macías

What Macías experiences in his first adventure is not new for the Mexican forwards, since Raúl Jiménez also suffered exactly the same devaluation during his first months in Europe, although he had much more action with Atlético de Madrid, compared to the youth squad of the Chivas.

Jiménez arrived at the Colchoneros in 2014, with a value of 10 million euros, and in his first season he played almost 600 minutes in La Liga, also with activity in the Champions League, Copa del Rey and Super Cup.

Even so, its value fell 3 million euros in 6 months, so it was already 7 million. Even in mid-2015, a year after his arrival in Europe, his value was still lower, 5 million, that is, half of what he had when he signed with Atlético.

The change to Benfica favored him, since he played and rose to 8 million in October 2015, while in June 2018 his value was around 15 million euros, a figure for which he reached the Wolves.


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