Who does your partner share more photos with on WhatsApp?

The trick also works to improve the storage capacity of your WhatsApp.

If you are curious to see who your partner shares more photos with on WhatsApp, your friends or even yourself, you can use this trick to find out and without using any other application.

This trick works for phones with iOS and Android alike, as it is a function within WhatsApp that does not depend on the operating system. However, it can only be done from the phone you want to view, it doesn’t work in the desktop app.

It’s very simple and you can try it on your own phone to see how it works. In addition, by its nature, you can also manage your memory space and delete the occasional family chat full of photos of tweets and old memes that take up extra space.

Remember also that if you use this WhatsApp trick on the phone of your partner, family member or friend, you must ask the owner for permission, because you could be invading their privacy or even discover things that you do not like.

Who else shares with your partner on WhatsApp

Now, these are the steps to see with which contact your partner, friend or yourself shares the most photos on WhatsApp.

1. First, enter the WhatsApp application on the phone of whoever you are going to find out with which contact the most photos are shared. Remember that it does not work on WhatsApp Web.

2. Then, depending on the operating system, you have to enter the WhatsApp settings on iOS or the settings on Android. For the latter, you can get there by touching the three-dot menu that is on the top right.

3. Already in the settings or configuration you have to look for the section that says “Storage and data”. When entering this submenu you will find several options.

4. “Manage storage” is the option we are looking for. Here the total use that WhatsApp has in the device memory will appear first, then a section to review and delete items shared many times (such as those in family chats), and files that are larger than 5 MB, photos are included here and PDF alike.

5. Finally, you only need to go down a bit to find the next section with the chats to which more photos and files are shared. These will appear in order from heaviest to least. Even archived chats are shown, since all the storage that WhatsApp has on the phone is shown.

6. One thing to keep in mind is that if the photos were to be deleted directly from the chat, it will no longer appear in the list. The same is true if it is completely removed.

This trick also serves to better manage your internal storage in case you have little remaining memory or you simply want to do a general cleaning of WhatsApp.

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