Why did Jenni Rivera remove Chiquis Rivera from her will and inherit nothing from her?

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The Rivera family is facing one of its biggest crises, after Chiquis Rivera placeholder image raise his voice to defend his brothers after the appointment of his sister Jacquie as executor of the estate of Jenni Rivera, pointing out some irregularities on the part of his uncles Rosie and Juan.

Faced with this conflict, the Jenni Rivera’s will is again a topic of conversation, as well as the fact that “The Diva of the Band” leave his eldest daughter out of it, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, who is not fighting for money but is only defending his brothers.

Why did Jenni Rivera disinherit Chiquis Rivera?

After 9 years since the death of Jenni Rivera, the fact that I have left out Chiquis Rivera placeholder image of her will is again the subject of interest, and this goes back to a misunderstanding between mother and daughter, and the ex-husband of “The big lady”. Here we tell you the story:

After two years of relationship, Jenni Rivera and former baseball player Esteban Loaiza They arrived at the altar at one of the most important weddings of 2010, which was televised and had approximately 800 guests.

However, the marriage only lasted two years, and in September 2012, Jenni Rivera sent a statement in which he announced his divorce from Esteban Loaiza, to later have an interview with “The fat and the skinny” in which he would have indicated the reasons for the separation.

In the program he commented: “What happened? Really the realize that things were not like you you thought, that’s what happened. For a woman like me, noticing certain activities of some people is enough to have made the decision that I did. “

“The September 21 I realized some things that this woman, who is sitting in front of you, does not tolerate, does not tolerate those kinds of things, those kinds of actions. I don’t need to be married with someone why will they say, simply the things that were done against me were so serious that I cannot accept them, “he completed on that occasion.

Jenni Rivera believed that her ex-husband had been unfaithful with Chiquis Rivera

What does the above have to do with Jenni Rivera’s will? In accordance with Laura Lucio, Jenni’s friend and author of the book “A crazy life: anecdotes and conversations with my friend Jenni Rivera”, commented that the singer noticed some irregularities in the tapes captured by her security cameras, in which she noticed some strange behavior between her ex-husband and her eldest daughter.

Immediately, without any explanation, Jenni Rivera believed that Esteban Loaiza was unfaithful to her with her own daughter, Chiquis Rivera, and without any explanation he began the divorce proceedings, as well as eliminated his first-born from his will, without thinking about what would happen a few weeks later, his death on December 9, 2012.

Jenni Rivera blocked her daughter and he stopped talking to her until the day he died. According to some statements by Chiquis Rivera, he tried to look everywhere for his mother, even through her Aunt Rosie, but she had no response, to the point of seeking professional help.

In the recent Live in which Chiquis Rivera talks about inheritance of her siblings, commented: “She did not put neither her mother, nor her brother, nor Rosie, anyone in her will, no more her children. And she took me out for a problem that was not true, that We already explained it many times and God knows it is not true, but my mom did me a big favor in removing me (from the will) “.

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