Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner that empties itself … reduced € 240!

One of the most present devices today in every home in the world is undoubtedly the robot vacuum cleaner. The great help that it offers us in the difficult task of keeping the floor of our house always clean, has made more and more people decide to buy one. Over time, we have seen how these types of vacuum cleaners have improved their capabilities, to the point that nowadays they are capable of sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, cleaning rugs, pet hair, and navigating intelligently, it is It is possible to control them remotely and we can even find vacuum cleaners that are capable of emptying themselves automatically. And the latter is undoubtedly one of its great attractions. If you want a model that is capable of cleaning itself, now you can get this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with impressive savings at Fnac.

The truth is that the Chinese manufacturer has a very interesting catalog of robot vacuum cleaners, but this Xiaomi Viomi S9 Vacuum Mop It is one of the most interesting that we find at the moment. One of the latest models that stands out for being accompanied by a charging base with a tank for automatic emptying. What does this mean? Well, once the robot finishes cleaning the floor of the house and returns to the base, the tank where all the dirt is stored will be emptied automatically and will be ready for the next cleaning.

With automatic emptying and powerful suction

That is, you can forget about having to empty the robot’s tank with each cleaning manually. We will only have to worry about emptying the base bag where the garbage from each cleaning of the robot is stored. Specifically, this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has a bag with 3 liters capacity, so we can not worry for days of having to change the bag. The emptying of the robot becomes a much more comfortable and clean process, since it is enough to open the tank of the base, close the bag, remove it and change it for a new one.

xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with base

If you look at the capabilities of the robot, it is a model that has a great suction capacity, 2700 Pa, so it is able to eliminate everything in its path. To do this, it is equipped with a brushless motor that eliminates even the smallest dust particles and the annoying hairs of our pets.

This Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with LDS navigation High-precision to perform a much more efficient cleaning, it has several cleaning modes to choose the one that best suits each moment and day, as well as a large-capacity battery. Exactly, it has 5200 mAh to be able to work for more than 3 and a half hours without stopping, making it an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for those who have large houses.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with discount

The sale price at which we find this Xiaomi Viomi S9 Vacuum Mop robot vacuum cleaner at Fnac is 599 euros, quite adjusted according to the benefits it offers us, but the truth is that now we can buy it much cheaper. The sale price is 359.99 euros, a price that can be obtained for a limited time, just over three days from the time of this publication.

xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner without base

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this great opportunity, hurry up and place your order as soon as possible. The delivery time is between 6 and 7 days, while the shipping costs are 19.99 euros.

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