Young man who lived in the Sename home received a national mathematics score in the Transition Test: he will study medicine

What happened?

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 11, the results of the students who took the Transition Test, the one that marks the path of many to their higher studies.

Among the thousands of applicants who received their scores, the story of Matías Muñoz, a young man who has lived for years in a family home in Talcahuano (ex-Sename).

The boy, who takes the test for the second time, scored 850 points in math and now he’s getting ready to study medicine.

What did he say?

“I tried hard, I studied, but there is always that space of uncertainty that cannot be covered with anything. I was quite nervous before the results, ”he said.

Speaking to the portal Iglesia de la Santísima Concepción, he added that “when I saw the results It was like it was worth it every time I put aside going out with friends or going to a party. “

At the time of thanking, Muñoz remembered his aunt Marcela. “It gave me the ease of being able to study, to be calm and to be able to develop myself and obtain the result that I obtained,” he added.

To close, he ruled that “It was thanks to her and other people, my friends, my friends from home. Although each one contributed a grain, it was necessary to get to this “.

Matías Muñoz -according to the aforementioned medium- obtained 850 points in Mathematics, 611 in Language, 752 in Science and has an average of High School Notes (NEM) of 801.

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