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Advertising is increasingly common on all YouTube videos. These appear both at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of it. The good news is that there are some tools that allow you to block this type of information that interrupts the videos. We will show you some tools to prevent come out on Android or Pc.

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While there are tools to remove all types of advertising from videos, YouTube already has an option. This is enabled for Premium users of the application, but you have to pay a monthly subscription.


In the event that you do not want to subscribe to YouTube Premium and pay a monthly fee, there is an alternative tool. This consists of an ad blocker made by third parties, available for Android smartphones.

App to block YouTube advertising on Android.  |  Photo: Capture Trome
App to block YouTube advertising on Android. | Photo: Capture Trome

Through Google Play, you should search ‘Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser‘. Once you have installed it, you must configure the application to work with YouTube, by typing in its search engine.

It will not ask you to register anywhere. It won’t even ask for permissions to access the information you have on your cell phone. They say they offer interface services using the cloud. For this, it only collects data such as the name of the product, its version or the language.


In the event that you want to restrict advertising on a PC, the first thing you should do is use Google Chrome. Once inside the browser, search the ‘adblocker’ extension. You only need to install it for it to start working.


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