Zelle and PayPal users must file US taxes.

As of January 1, Zelle and PayPal users must declare taxes in the United States (USA).

However, only those who have businesses and receive payments through these applications should report their income to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The statement before the IRS must be done through form 1099-K, where only payments for goods and services are reported.

Changes to the IRS for PayPal and Zelle

Congress has discussed certain changes, which could be taken into account as of the following fiscal year 2023, among them are the following:

  1. Reduce the reporting threshold for transactions of goods and services on a 1099-K form, this serves to generate a tax report to the IRS, which in turn reports on payments for goods and services that are received from a company or person in the calendar year.
  1. Change the way that financial entities normally report the income and expenses of money in their clients’ accounts.

It should be noted that not all people will have an obligation to comply with these changes, but those users who own businesses with $ 600 or more in annual gross sales using Form 1099-K.

The Internal Revenue Code in certain sections has been corrected, requiring third-party settlement organizations (TPSOs), such as PayPal and Zelle, to carry out reports on bank account movements related to goods and services.


It is important to highlight that these legislative proposals have not yet been approved, but we must take into account that these changes were introduced in the American Rescue Plan Act of last year 2021.

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