an airless tire inspired by cellular structure

The presentation was made at CES 2022; there Hankook unveiled its i-Flex airless tire, which will be endorsed by Hyundai Motor.

It is a futuristic version of a hankook tire, which in addition to not containing air, its design is inspired by the cells of living organisms. A structure that facilitates i-Flex movement in various directions, and not just forward.

As we already said, the prototype was presented at CES 2022, and for Hankook it is an approach to the future. In addition, it will have the accompaniment of Hyundai Motor, as the tire was seen for the first time in the module Plug & Drive (PnD).

The latter seen as a preamble to the technology of the Mobility of Things (MoT). “In which everything that is developed will have as its main characteristic that traditionally inanimate objects are mobile,” said Dong Jin Hyun, from the Robotics Laboratory of Hyundai Motor.


Small and with less risk

The i-Flex tire size developed by Hankook, has a size of 10 inches with a diameter of 400 mm (16 inches) and a width of 105 mm (4 inches). And that due to its dimensions, it is in accordance with the applications of the platform Hyundai PnD.

Among other things, their low maintenance level makes tires by Hankook are an ideal element for autonomous vehicles. As well as the security that they can have, since there is no risk of explosive decompression.

Even if an object pierces the outer layer of the tire, whoever moves in the vehicle will not suffer. no impact. A technology Hankook has been working on from 2010 to date and that it intends to take to another level of investigation.


In which they have intervened biometric testings to ensure that the road impacts of the i-Flex can bear heavy loads. Hence, the design has a lot to do with shock absorption, since the hexagonal cellular structures give greater stability.

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