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MEXICO CITY.- Once again the name of Britney Spears became a trend, but not for the reasons that are usually the center of attention, but rather that her ex-husband was arrested after disobeying the authorities.

And it is that Jason Alexander, the ex-husband of the Princess of Pop, was arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order issued by the woman identified as Lisa, who claims that her stalker made a strong threat last January saying that he would break her and her friend’s neck.

In the legal documents, it is claimed that Alexander approached that same friend in July and again threatened to break his neck if he did not stop being in contact with Lisa, for which the woman filed another report in October.

Despite the circumstances, the 40-year-old man continued the harassment and tried to enter Lisa’s property in Tennessee, including the singer’s ex-husband admitted to following her home, under the argument that he only wanted to ensure that he arrived home safely.

According to the documents, Jason returned to the victim’s home. in November, where the two had a strong fight and Lisa called the police, but the subject managed to flee before the authorities arrived.

On the other hand, different international media such as TMZ reported that Jason Alexander was booked into the Williamson County Jail in Franklin, Tennessee. and was charged with violating an order of protection for aggravated harassment, in addition to confirming that His bail was set at $30,000.

A spokesperson for the Franklin Police Department mentioned U.S. Weekly that court hearing was scheduled for next February 17.

Relationship with Britney Spears

Alexander had a close relationship with the interpreter of “Toxic”, since they are friends since childhood, so a marriage between them was not something strange among their acquaintances.

However, yesYour marriage to Britney Spears only lasted 55 hours. in 2004, when the couple exchanged vows at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas after enjoying a wild night out. The marriage was annulled days later.

Jason Alexander and Britney Spears

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