Firm group. The song that Eduin Caz dedicated to a son of ‘El Chapo’

Ovidio Guzmán, son of ‘El Chapo’, was put in the spotlight of public opinion for his strange release in 2019, as a result of which he became a source of inspiration for bands like Grupo Firme.

The fans of the group and its singer Eduin Caz seem surprised to interpret the narco-corruption ‘The Mouse’, first released by FN Code, and which is a song dedicated to the drug trafficker’s heir.

Grupo Firme should be asked their reasons for recording this song to a controversial character related to criminal activities.

The song narrates the different parts of the public life of Ovidio Guzmán, presumably linked to the Sinaloa Cartel operations.

Caz seems to have closed last year and started this 2022 with scandals, either because of his personal problems or now because of the interpretation of songs dedicated to drug traffickers.

Some states of the country vetoed this musical genre because they consider they advocate crime.

Grupo Firme and its musical tour

The band announced the places where it will have concerts at the beginning of this year.

Among the most important dates, their presentations in Mexico City stand out.

Grupo Firme chose El Foro Sol for its concert; 26,000 people fit in this enclosure.

Currently they are the most popular group in the Mexican regional. Hence the interest of the public in having the tickets.

They won the LATIN GRAMMY as “Best Band Music Album”, and in 2021 they repeated the feat with their album Nos Divertimos Achieving the Impossible.

The band was created in 2014 in the city of Tijuana (Mexico) by Eduin Cazares and Joaquín Ruiz.

His debut in the musical environment was in 2017 with his debut album Pasado, Presente, Futuro with a total of twelve songs.

Later they released the albums El Barco and En Vivo Desde Tijuana: los Buitrones y los Firmes, the latter in collaboration with Los Buitres de Culiacán Sinaloa.To

The group rose to fame in 2018 by releasing the singles “Pídeme”, “El Roto” and “Juro Por Dios”.

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