how to always guess the word in fashion game

Squares and social networks in between, 5-letter words and a clear memory of the mythical ‘Lingo’ by Ramoncín … Wordle is the fashion game and we will teach you how to win!

There is no doubt that Wordle is the phenomenon and sensation of the moment as in their day were Flappy Bird or Among Us, all of them games with a casual component and social networks involved, simplicity in their gameplay and that bit of challenge and frustration that this addictive hidden word puzzle It has given us back as soon as 2022 begins.

In something that we remember and much to the mythical ‘Lingo’ by Ramoncín, the idea behind Wordle is as simple as it is complex, as it is proposed to us discover a hidden five-letter word every day, in just six attempts and with the possibility of playing nothing more than once a day.

It is so easy to think of as complicated to execute, so we we are going to teach you the best tips and tricks to always guess the word, and even if you want to make little tricks like having infinite daily attempts … Will you accompany us to discover them?

Playing Wordle on a smartphone

Wordle, the most fashionable casual game that will challenge you to discover words.

What is Wordle and how to play in Spanish?

At this point, many media, including us, have talked about what Wordle is and we have even explained how to play Wordle in Spanish and from your mobile, so here just we are going to explain such a simple mechanic that hardly needs explanation.

In fact, Wordle is not as new as it might seem, because his idea has already been exploited by the television program ‘Lingo’ a few years ago, while this version of the online game appeared in October last year by Josh Wardle, who played it with his wife months before and daily. The explosion came now, since Wordle had about 90 or 100 players in November 2021 and already from the beginning of January they had exceeded 300,000.

The learning curve of Wordle is zero, when you enter you will find a brief explanation, six rows of five squares and a keyboard, so all you have to do is enter 5 letter words to guess the one that is hidden daily, although in reality you can only do it in 6 attempts and playing once a day.

With every word that is entered you will see how the colors of the letters change following these instructions:

  • If they turn gray, that letter is not in the hidden word.
  • In the event that the box is highlighted in yellow, we have hit the letter but not the position.
  • And finally, if it is painted in green we have got the letter and position right.

Thus, it is the game itself that gives us clues so that we can solve it, without there being more science behind a mechanic with which Wordle does not want to tie us, but only challenge ourselves once a day and in a little bit of our free time.

And surely it is this challenge component the one that makes it addictive, because every day hundreds of thousands of players return to Wordle to try to guess the hidden word later sharing your progress on social media, something in which the title is also perfectly thought out offering the possibility of sharing the result, already with emojis and everything, directly to the clipboard to paste it on Twitter, Facebook or our favorite social network.

The game was created in English, although the Colombian developer Daniel Rodriguez has masterfully brought it to Castilian in a version that you can access from right here:

How to play Wordle in Spanish and from your mobile

The Wordle interface, no frills without complications.

5 tricks to guess the words in Wordle

Obviously, in the face of such simple mechanics, we are not going to offer you a complete guide but rather some guidelines that you will have to follow to guess the hidden word as soon as possible, without many secrets because they certainly do not exist.

So, we review you the 5 best tricks for Wordle thinking that you will become experts in just a few minutes:

  1. The first word is the key, so use one that includes the maximum number of vowels possible What AIR or GOLDEN. This will allow you to guess and / or locate four vowels of the hidden word in just one attempt.
  2. Having already most of the vowels, now it will be time to bet on the most used consonants in Spanish, so Let’s find a word with 4 consonants like CLUBS, which will also indicate the presence of the S, the C wave L being one of the most common consonants.
  3. You should always avoid repeating letters that are painted in gray, since they are not present in the hidden word.
  4. Remember that yes some letters can be repeated and appear twice, in words like THINGS or similar.
  5. After the first two words and these tips, with the main vowels and consonants already in place, think well the third attempt because the simplest is usually always the correct answer.

From here the path will already be done well you will know all the vowels and five of the most common consonants in our language, so you will simply have to squeeze your brain and guess the word in the 4 remaining attempts.

Once achieved, the option of ‘Share’ what does the game offer will copy the results directly to the clipboard, with emojis and everything prepared so that we only have to paste it on Twitter or our favorite social network to show off with our friends, family and fans.

You don’t need to log in, because Wordle runs using cookies who will track our progress to control game mechanics … And this is where the traps that we are going to tell you now come in!

Cheats for Wordle

Use your first two words well, as they are the key to success in Wordle.

How to be the best at Wordle (cheating) and always get the puzzle right

We already know that once the law is cheated, and obviously to play Wordle there are also certain shortcuts that you can use even if the grace is lost, if the most important thing for you is win always whatever the method used to achieve victory.

The first and clearest is obviously skip the cookies playing incognito modeWell, this way you will have unlimited attempts every day. With this trick the opportunities will be endlessAlthough it will be enough for you to complete the puzzle so that on the second attempt you can decipher it the first time.

Another option is consult the game’s source code for the dictionary of included words, although obviously trying brute force will take time and you will need to also shoot incognito mode. This is effectively just a shortcut.

The last of the traps is perhaps the most obvious, as with hundreds of thousands of players just search in Google “word of the day in Wordle (EN)” or any similar term so that the Internet does its magic and you get the answer before you start.

There is only a word every day that is shared for everyone, so getting the solution in advance will be the fastest to show off hits in 1 attempt, although no one will believe you and the challenge of Wordle will lose along the way, as we said before, all its grace.

Wordle in Spanish, screenshot gallery and operation

You're playing Wordle wrong: 5 basic tricks to better guess the buzzword

And finally, and in case Wordle ends up boring youWell, we already know that these hits are always ephemeral, right here we leave you our selection of the best casual games for Android that you can also download for free in the Play Store, ready to enjoy them on your mobile phones from now on:

14 free casual Android games to play anytime, anywhere

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