“I admire Djokovic, but I can’t defend him”

Former tennis player Martina Navratilova, winner of 59 Grand Slams between singles and doubles, admitted that she admires Novak Djokovic, but that she cannot defend her decision not to get vaccinated.

The American, of Czechoslovakian origin, spoke on the British program ‘Good Morning Britain’ about the case of the Serb, who armed a scandal in Australia for his position of not being vaccinated against COVID.

“It’s unbelievable,” the former tennis player said of Djokovic’s situation. “And it could have been prevented. I wish Novak had been vaccinated. I admire him a lot, but I can’t defend his decision not to get vaccinated,” he added.

The Serbian used a contagion on December 16 as an excuse for not getting vaccinated and being able to receive a medical exemption to enter Australia and play the first Grand Slam of the year. This has been called into question by the acts that Djokovic attended in the days after the contagion, to which the tennis player has replied that he did not know the result until a day later and admitted that on the 18th he attended an interview despite the fact that it was conscious of being positive.

“I would be much more afraid of infecting myself for not being vaccinated than any other side effect that I could have from getting vaccinated. You also have to worry about the rest of the people. In the changing rooms we are very close to each other”, Navratilova opined.

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