Jorge Ruvalcaba, his unknown “unprofessional” story and the National Team that tried to steal him


The youth squad Jorge Ruvalcaba who made his contribution in the 5 to 0 from Pumas to Deportivo Toluca for the first date of the Grita Mexico C22 Tournament of the MX League, has a really peculiar route.

Jorge Ruvalcaba scored the quarter from 5 to 0 from Pumas to Deportivo Toluca in CU.
© Jam MediaJorge Ruvalcaba scored the quarter from 5 to 0 from Pumas to Deportivo Toluca in CU.

The great triumph of the Pumas of the UNAM of the strategist Andres Lillini about him Deportivo Toluca by 5 to 0 in the University Olympic Stadium for the first day of Grita Mexico Clausura 2022 Tournament of the MX League, had several issues to highlight. One of them, the appearance and debut with a goal from the youth squad Jorge Ruvalcaba Castro.


The 20-year-old youth entered in the 68th minute instead of Sebastian Saucedo and, just one minute later, he marked the transitional 4 to 0. In this way, the steering wheel more than supported the confidence that the Argentine helmsman has placed in him for some time, since he had already summoned him for the match of the day 14 of Opening 2021 against him Club Leon. That time, he only made up the relay bench.

It got there, mainly, thanks to its significant performance in the Caribbean International Cup (CICUP 2021) who won together with the U20 team of the Pumas of the UNAM, a contest in which he scored four goals and two assists in four games played. But the tour of Jorge Ruvalcaba Castro it has a really peculiar additional detail.

According to the Twitter account @MLS_Buzz, Ruvalcaba until 2019, that is, before landing in the Basic Forces of the National University Club and to display all his talent on the fields of the training ground of Quarry, played soccer in high school in California, American city in which he was born.

In his case, the few variants harvested by the directive auriazul in the winter market of the MX League and, above all, the output of Erik Lira to Blue Cross, favored him, based on having become one of the team’s alternatives feline for him Grita Mexico C22 Tournament of Liga MX and for the Concacaf Champions League 2022.

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