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How does José Alberto Castro start 2022 in love?

The ‘Güero’ Castro revealed that he is enjoying the peace that singleness gives him, for which he denied that he had a relationship with Cecilia Galliano, who was part of the cast of the telenovela La Desalmada.

“They like to gossip, I don’t know why they don’t realize that sometimes singleness and one’s peace is more important instead of having someone by my side, but I’m at peace, I’m calm,” he told the “Todo para la mujer” program.

There is no reconciliation with Angélica Rivera

The producer clarified that he did not resume his relationship with the mother of his daughters either, because as every year they shared family Christmas photography on networks.

“It’s already redundant, every year they see us in that family photo they say the same thing. Angélica is a woman I love and respect very much, she is the mother of my daughters and they will see me with her all my lifeuntil I or she dies,” he said on the Mexican radio show.

“We are going to be together for our daughters, we have a great friendship and I have great respect and affection for her, but obviously I’m not in her plans“.

Although on a personal level they will not be a couple again, on a professional level José Alberto does not rule out working together again: “I am delighted with life, she has been looking at different alternatives, I think she is ready to return to work and in the Whenever I had a project to work on with her, I would be very happy”.


The producer has covid-19

The ‘Güero’ Castro took the opportunity to report that he tested positive for covid-19, but believes that he was infected in Mexico City and said feel good”: “Fortunately, I was already vaccinated and, well, this omicron thing is quite contagious and it touched me.”

In mid-December her daughter Fernanda was infected, but by the holiday season it was already negative, so she ruled out that she infected him.

“My daughter Fernanda was sick in the middle of December, but by the 24th she was fine and it gave me now that I was returning to MexicoIt seems that I got infected arriving in the city and I barely started this Monday, and now to save a few days, “he sentenced on the program with good humor.

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