Luis Fernando Tena delves into the history of the National Team (what Amarini Villatoro told him and what he expects from Carlos “el Pescado” Ruiz)

The Mexican coach of the Guatemalan National Soccer Team, Luis Fernando Tena, appeared at the first press conference of 2022 after having completed the training sessions for the first microcycle.

He asserted that “in general terms there is a lot of joy, a good atmosphere, a good dressing room and the players who were called up get along well and train hard.”

Tena stated that the conversation he had with his predecessor, Amarini Villatoro, who now heads the Municipal Pérez Zeledón of Costa Rica, was productive and very important.

“I was grateful that he was flexible with all of his experiences. He gave me player-by-player details. That will undoubtedly help me to get the best out of each of the footballers. He was very good to me, “he said.

Regarding whether he would do the same with Carlos el Pescado Ruiz, speaking about the National Team, Tena did not hesitate to answer that he would like to “have a conversation with him because he is the greatest reference, the best player of the National Team in its history. They told me he lived in Texas, but we will surely do our best to talk to him about Zoom, which is fashionable these days. “

The Mexican strategist revealed that in the first call “there was quality in the squad. There are some who have more than what I believed and had seen on television. We are going to keep track of everyone from Saturday – January 15 – when the tournament begins.

Although he did not reveal if he already had a specific eleven for future duels, which have yet to be confirmed against Bolivia or Guyana, he said that “it is inevitable not to start dreaming. Yes I do. Soccer is present. I am imagining it. Go dreaming with which team we can play. It is not defined, but there are many players to know yet ”.

Tena’s idea of ​​the game is very loyal to his style: “Very dynamic, with high pressure, without letting the rival play. In addition, he explained, “knowing how to get out of the pressure, because the rival will do the same. The one who is technically fittest will win a place. Fast-minded. That we will need. An intense, orderly and supportive team ”.

Regarding his system, he mentioned the 1-4-2-3-1, which is the one he liked the most, but he asserted that it can change.

Tena indicated that he hopes to have at least two friendly matches to test the players and his idea. “The joke is that we start playing, to get to know each other more. We like to respect the internal tournament, we don’t like to take the players away from the coaches, but we must give importance to the National Team. Necessary”.

Regarding the legionaries, he asserted that he will take everyone into account. He confirmed that he has spoken virtually with Nicholas Hagen, Matan Peleg and Rubio Rubín, among others. He confirmed that Jesús López, Gerardo Gordillo and José Pinto are available when required.

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