Millions of beetles invade Santa Isabel, a town in Argentina – Telemundo Miami (51)

SANTA ISABEL, Argentina – Millions of beetles invaded a town, raising roofs, plugging drains, filling pools and patios, causing tremendous discomfort among residents who no longer know how to deal with insects.

The unusual situation occurred in Santa Isabel, a town of about 2,500 inhabitants, located in the middle of the desert in the west of the province of La Pampa, in Argentina.

As reported by the local digital media, Infohuella, the invasion forced the authorities to take extreme measures to stop the advance of the beetles, or cascarudos, as they are called locally.


” The amount there is is impressive. In some cases they damaged roofs of buildings. In the police station they raised the roof membrane and in a commercial premises, the ceiling, in the service station (gas station) they covered the drains, ” said Santa Isabel Police Chief Omar Sabaidini.

For his part, the vice-mayor in charge of the mayor’s office, Cristian Echegaray, said that they decided to turn off the public lighting for the next few days.

Located in the southern cone, Argentina goes through the summer that can be very hot.

Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees F, which is conducive to the beetles, which remain buried in the winter as larvae and emerge in the summer, attracted by the change in temperature, humidity, and light from streetlights, to reproduce.

According to specialized publications, the scientific name of these beetles is “diloboderus abderus” and they are known as rhinoceros beetle. They are harmless but their massive presence can cause problems.

When the trial began on October 26, the judge ordered the defendant’s eviction from the courtroom because he kept yowling.

Echegaray said that over the weekend “you could see how they were heading towards the urban area from the field. They fall on the roofs like hail, and can also be seen on the road, hitting the windshield or roofs of circulating cars. ”

“Now we decided to be with the people in the dark for a few hours, hopefully as a result,” added Echegaray according to Infohuella.

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