New York school students demand a remote class option to avoid coronavirus infections | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

adriana: student of aschool of our area requirethe remote option before theuptick in student casesand teachers, besides otherscampus employees.not even the extreme cold prevented themdo listen to games.his voice.mariela: the demonstration wasplanned by the students.defying the elidstemperatures, they went out to aska remote option oflearning.there we were waiting for them.because the cases on campusthey have been shot and I seized themto fear.>> a family member hasinfected and covid and there are othersedics where I live.has parents at home, they havegrandfathers and grandmothers.they need protection.if you get sick, what are you going to doof themç >> several came outpositive, they brought them to theHouse.mariela: they ask that the schoolsupplants tests in classrooms,increasing 20% ​​ofsalazar that are done now.and improve ventilation.>> we are on a cold day.all these students haveto cross the city and they mustuse open windows.mariela: they are asking for thesupport from teachers teachers.they have spoken of 3000 substitutesto cover sick teachers.until January 10, over1000 cases per day and 14,000 omore will get sick.More than 11,000 were students.we contacted the mayorbecause eric adams, in a debatehis servant asked him ifgave a remote option forparents, answered that í.mayor adams has said thatI was going to offer a remote option.>> he has not offered sohe says he wants to keep theopen school.mariela: the mayoralty noanswered.>> this is something that will help usto sign a petition forrequire a remote option to

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