Seven sports that are not lazy with which we will do physical exercise without realizing it

I confess: I hate playing sports. Exercising makes me lazy. Going to the gym after a long day at work and I end up procrastinating like a good millennial. That is why looking for a sport with which to move and keep fit without realizing it is the best solution for me to lead a healthy life.

We tell you seven sports that are not lazy at all and with which you will do physical exercise but without feeling that you are doing it. They are fun, dynamic and a way to lead a healthy life.


Bilr Sports That Do Not Give Laziness

It is one of the secrets of Zendaya, who uses it as a daily exercise routine. And it is that dancing intensely is beneficial for the heart, favors flexibility and resistance, and reduces stress. Lose weight, tone up and improve coordination but in a fun way with which we will not notice that we are exercising.

We can also practice it at home and try get in shape with Latin dances as proposed by the experts at Vitónica. We can also try other disciplines like Zumba, Sh’bam or Body Jam with whom we will train without realizing it and to the rhythm of the music.

You don't like the gym?  Dancing can be a good option to get in shape: these are its benefits

Skating and skateboarding

Skating Skate Sports That Do Not Give Laziness

Skating is fun, you exercise and it’s a great aerobic sport for our heart. You work the lower body and you can do it in winter on an ice rink (Javier Fernández has given us some infallible tricks to avoid falling) and in summer, sunbathing on the seafront, for example.

It helps us to achieve a stronger circulatory and respiratory system, improves our coordination and helps to achieve better body control. We can also practice skateboarding, the fashionable sport after the Tokyo Olympics and to whom Shakira is addicted.

exercise snacks

If you are so lazy to train that you are one of those who always use the excuse that I don’t have time, these types of exercises are for you. This modality would fall within the so-called concentrated physical activity and consists of work several times a day with moderate or intense exercises in short periods of time. They would be like exercise pills spread throughout the day and lasting no more than ten minutes.

Exercise Snacks Sports That Aren't Lazy

They work and have many benefits, such as blood glucose control, especially if we do them around mealtime, as this study shows. What’s more, As Vitónica explains, it has the same benefits as HIIT: improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, delays cellular aging and prevents diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer.

Being exercises in short periods of time, when you want to realize you have already finished, and they can be easily integrated into everyday life even if you are a sedentary person.

We can practice HIIT exercises as the experts explain to us, jump rope, go up and down stairs fast or do some exercise with our own weight, ideal to start training if you have never done it.

All about HIIT training: how to do it and why it's effective


We return to physical activities with which you will not feel that you do sports, as with dancing. This time we talk about hiking, sport practiced by Gisele Bündchen and with which we will not notice that we are exercising.

This activity is more than healthy and we can also do it as a family. It gives us benefits for example in our circulatory system, strengthens the heart and helps us maintain good blood pressure, in addition to increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis.

Hiking And Trekking Sports That Do Not Give Laziness

It is an outdoor activity, so it’s great for reducing stress, and as the routes can be done through the mountains (the so-called trekking), the landscapes will help us get rid of laziness to continue and see more beautiful places.

The five best hiking trails in Europe to enjoy exercising outdoors this summer

Beach volleyball

It is one of those summer sports with which to have a fun time with your friends, on a beach, while you get a tan and exercise without realizing it. But do not limit yourself to trying it in summer, as it is done on the beach, in spring and autumn with the mild temperatures, it is ideal.

Although legs and buttocks are mainly worked, shoulders, arms and core are also exercised, and when practiced on the sand, it is about a sport with low impact on the knee and hip joints, as explained in Vitónica.

Beach Volleyball Sports That Aren't Lazy

A great aerobic exercise with which we work the whole body, we will burn fat and socialize, and to do so we just need a beach volley ball like this.

Rajvia Volleyball Ball, Volleyball Ball, Beach Volleyball Ball, Soft Touch Volleyball Official Size 5 for Indoor and Outdoor

Rajvia Volleyball Ball, Volleyball Ball, Beach Volleyball Ball, Official Soft Touch Volleyball Size 5 for Indoor and Outdoor


It couldn’t be more fashionable, and those who start practicing it say that it has changed their lives (I can attest to that). It is one of those sports with which you start noticing changes from the first day, and that increase the strength, balance and control of your body.

It helps us with back pain (especially if we practice certain postures), reduces stress, helps control obesity, improves elasticity and is suitable even for pregnant women.

Yoga Sports That Do Not Give Laziness

Seven Yoga experts and fans talk to us about how they feel doing it and why they wouldn't change it for anything

It is practiced by many celebrities such as vanessa lorenzo, Gisele Bündchen, Lara Condor or Kate Hudson and to start practicing it you only need a mat and some of these videos with which to practice it from home, although it is always better to go to class so that the teacher can correct your posture and achieve better results.

sports mat, Wueps yoga mat, includes shoulder strap and carrying bag, ideal for sports at home, yoga mat, non-slip yoga mat, (Purple and Pink Color)

sports mat, Wueps yoga mat, includes shoulder strap and carrying bag, ideal for sports at home, yoga mat, non-slip yoga mat, (Purple and Pink Color)


He has come from Mexico to become the new fashion within the already known spinning. Low lights, loud music and a lot of adrenaline with this new modality with which you will think you are at a party at the disco at 3 in the morning, only on an indoor bike.

As they explain to us from Vitónica, “the big difference between conventional spinning is that weights are used and strength exercises are performed during the session”, which makes it a very complete sport with which we will not only work our legs, but also our core, back and arms, in addition to doing a great cardio exercise for our heart.

Shekel Sport Fashion That Doesn't Give Laziness

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