Sharon Fonseca reveals how Gianluca Vacchi and his daughter are doing after testing positive for Covid

In the midst of the wave of Covid-19 infections that the world is facing right now, more and more celebrities have been affected by this situation. This time they were Gianluca Vacchi Y Sharon fonseca, who have revealed their diagnosis through their social networks. Fortunately, both are stable and out of danger, recovering from the disease, which they were able to overcome in the kindest way, because in reality they had mild symptoms and in the case of the model they were almost imperceptible. However, her little Blu Jerusalema, barely a year old, was the one who felt the ravages of this disease the most, as revealed by Sharon herself, as she presented some strong symptoms from which she is still recovering.

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This was communicated by the Venezuelan through several videos that she shared on her Instagram stories, where she with total sincerity thanked her followers for the expressions of affection and concern they showed, after the couple made their diagnosis known, also sharing a update of the health status of your entire family. “It was time for me to tell you how we did with the Covid. As you know at the beginning of the year we were positive, so we were lost because of it, “said Sharon with a smile on her face and with a very positive attitude.

The model delved further into the subject, telling how little by little Gianluca and little Blu were the first to present symptoms and test positive for Covid and what happened to her. “Gian was the first and then the girl, thank God she didn’t give me any symptoms so I was able to take care of them both (as God knew),” he said with a laugh. “It was a very crazy week. Gian felt bad the first days and thank God he recovered quickly and the baby did not feel well for three days and still has some symptoms, but already much better. We are already out of this, “she expressed relieved, making clear her gratitude for all the love they have received throughout these days.

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That is how Sharon Fonseca justified her absence on social networks, making it clear that she was focused on her family in recent weeks, sending her good wishes to her followers. “So that’s why I was super lost from here and from my phone, starting the year without networks and communication, but hey, thank goodness all good, I hope you are well too, “he concluded.

Gianluca’s eccentric treatment

Through his social networks, Gianluca Vacchi shared a video in which he showed the procedure he underwent in order to alleviate his symptoms due to Covid, a treatment known as ozone therapy. “Hey guys, Covid day 4. I’m washing and cleaning my blood”, Expressed the businessman in his video, and then let the nurse who helped him with the procedure speak. “Today we are making ozone. So I am going to supply 100 cc of ozone in his blood and in two hours I am going to withdraw it ”, he explained. “At least, surely, I’ll get through it faster and better,” Gianluca added, hoping this treatment will have great benefits for his immune system. It should be noted that this treatment represents only an alternative for mild cases of Covid, and that until now there is no scientific evidence that it is effective in all cases, so it is recommended to consult a doctor before making a decision.

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