Summary Santos vs Tigres (1-1). Goals

Mexico City /

The Tigers They rescued the 1-1 draw at the last minute thanks to a shot from Carlos Salcedo who dared to go to the front when all seemed lost for those of Miguel Herrera who were down on the scoreboard with a goal from Brian lozano at the beginning of the second half.

The first half was forgotten, the arrivals at the arches were lacking, the two teams studied each other and were nullified in midfield and the ball reached very little to the areas.

For the complement and when the game drew more yawns than emotions, a goal arrived that did not deserve a game of this type. Brian Lozano was encouraged to shoot from medium distance and although Nahuel Guzmán seemed advanced, the merit is total from the Uruguayan.

After the Egg goal, Tigres only had one chance to tie the score but the Gignac’s shot was ruled out for offside, after that the game was unemotional again.

Already when the game was dying, Salcedo went to the front to try to help the offense and in a very lucky play the ball ended up in the nets of Carlos Acevedo after a shot from Titan, who celebrated in style, as it may be his last goal with the felines since se talks about a possible exit to MLS.



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