What is the weather forecast for the night of this Wednesday, January 12, 2022 in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Ópez and full report onweather.I heard you talk about apossible storm.jeús: that’s right, adriana. is apossible storm to whichYesterday. could affect usSunday night, toofor Monday. let’s see theconditions, are kept inthe 36 media. we are going tonight.for brooklyn, temperatures inThe high 30s, here we gocontinue tonight.that the low pressure is going toimpact.the first is approaching and it wasThursday night atit will look good to the east.It is going to touch us and it may be thaton long island and to theextreme east well showersisolated. rest, we will see thenext storm.that’s it.the first one is going to impact ustrajectory is to the west.let’s experiment on everythingrain in our forecast,since we are going to be with theside where lainez alido.the second path wasthe coastal zone of our area.aí can bring us snow ininstead of rain as it willdrag a little more than thatcold air mass from theaí that returns from the arctic air.the storm is going to hit us.monitors the trajectory of yoursteps, here we are forkeep them informed.for tomorrow, the temperaturesat 30 ° for 8:00 a.m.tomorrow, then increase yournormal for Thursday.the friday returns the fíofor our area.we can see those conditionsFriday passes a cold front, I knowgonna keep the rain goingin our area we will see thatthat wind that is going to bring ustemperatures a little morefias.20th, the Saturday is the asimportant because if that layercold air continues inour area, we goexperience snow duringSunday night, early morningby Monday afternoon,storm room. the good newsis that it was Monday and is a

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