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Mexico could vaccinate children with doses of Abdala, as did Cuba, the first territory in the world to apply the immunogen to children from two years of age.

According to Desdeabajo.mx, an information agency focused on the dissemination of human rights, local, national and global politics, “the country could vaccinate boys and girls, which it has not been able to do, since only the Pfizer dose is approved for this end”, although the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) authorized the application of Abdala against COVID-19 at the end of last December, considering that it meets the requirements of “quality, safety and efficacy”.

“The repercussions of this news are great. It is the most influential country in the Latin American continental area, placing the Cuban biological in the same range as Pfizer or Astra Zeneca vaccines (something that the prestigious journal The Lancet had already done).

“The fact constitutes a blow to the ego of the empire that, for months, has tried to undermine the prestige of the island laboratories. And a harsh lesson for the media monopolies that continued the post-truth game by attacking the vaccines made in Cuba. It is expected, therefore, that many more countries will join this example, “continues Desdeabajo.mx.

“Cuba is one of the few countries in Latin America and the world to vaccinate its entire population; with two exceptions: the island also vaccinated its children and did so with its own vaccines, “reviews the media outlet itself.”

Finally, he realizes that, for Mexico, the use of Abdala is a very important reinforcement in its fight against COVID. The country has made an effort to immunize the majority of its population over fifteen years of age, and has succeeded; but, in his eagerness, he has had to deal with the governments of the United States and Europe, as long as there is no lack of immunizations.

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